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 The Project includes following Components:

A. Livelihoods (Grant Financed)

(i) Restoration of livelihoods of affected poor and low income households organized into SHGs and other similar groups recognized by Tamil Nadu and Kerala as affected directly or indirectly, by Tsunami through support by way of capacity bui8lding, establishment, and enterprise training: (ii) formation of new SHGs both male and female for affected households not yet organized in community based groups for restoring livelihoods through micro enterprise training, and establishment support: (iii) replacement of productive assets (i.e. excluding housing) to Tsunami affected households; (iv) skills up-gradation; (v) risk mitigation through group, life and asset insurance as applicable, of affected households receiving assistance under this Component; (vi) reconstruction of Tsunami affected community-based infrastructure; and (vii) technical support for implementation, monitoring, and impact assessment of this Component.

B. Transportation

B.1 Subcomponent Roads and Bridges (Loan Financed)

(i) Rehabilitation of Tsunami-damaged State roads, except village and municipal roads in the affected districts of Tamil Nadu, and Kerala; (ii) rehabilitation of damaged drainage structures such as minor bridges, culverts and side drains; (iii) rehabilitation of bridges in affected areas in Cuddalore and Kanyakumari districts of Tamil Nadu; and (iv) creation of bridge connections for un-bridged crossings, and to replace temporary crossing arrangements or river crossing ferries from a disaster prevention perspective.

B.2 Subcomponent Ports and Harbors (Loan Financed)

(i) Priority dredging for ports, harbor basins and approach channels; (ii) rehabilitation of breakwaters for ports and fishing harbors; (iii) rehabilitation of fishing harbor facilities like compound walls; (iv) rehabilitation of damaged roads and ports facilities like electrification system, wharfs and piers; and (v) procurement of equipment for a destroyed dredger, environmental facilities and navigational aids

C. Rural and Municipal infrastructure

C.1 Subcomponent Water Supply and Sanitation (Grant Financed)

(i) Restoration and upgrading of damaged water supply systems; (ii) upgrading of affected water supply systems into multi-village systems with more reliable source development; (iii) rehabilitation\upgrading of sanitary complex and solid waste management facilities; (iv) sanitation an environmental awareness campaign; and (v) institutional support for damage assessment surveys, aquifer and hydrology study, disaster resistant design, construction quality control, and community participation.

C.2 Subcomponent Other Rural and Municipal Infrastructure

(i) Rural and Municipal Infrastructure (Loan Financed)

Rehabilitation\upgrading of municipal infrastructure in terms of (i) municipal roads; (ii) municipal drainage canals; (iii) municipal public buildings such as small-scale common fish landing, processing, and marketing facilities, and community centers; and (iv) municipal and rural damaged electricity line network and distribution transformers.

(iii) Rural infrastructure (Loan Financed)

Rehabilitation/upgrading of rural infrastructure in terms of (i) village roads (ii) drainage canals; and (iii) public buildings such as panchayat offices.

D. Capacity Building and Implementation Assistance (Grant Financed)

This component shall comprise (i) consulting services for implementation of the Project as further detailed in Schedule 5 to this Financing Agreement, and (ii) incremental administration costs.