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In view of the devastation and substantial damage caused to the State by the tsunami, the Government of Tamil Nadu sought the help of Government of India for relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes valued at approximately Rs.4800 crore along with 54000 metric tones of food grain, through a Memorandum in the first week of January 2005.
Besides offering the required assistance, the GoI also set up a Core Group Committee and an Inter-Ministerial Central Team, besides Joint Assessment Mission with the participation of funding agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations and Commonwealth Agencies, to facilitate assessment, development, implementation and monitoring of the immediate, short and long term programmes and to provide the necessary guidance / approvals. The Central Government established a National Early Warning System for Tsunami and Storm Surges in the Indian Ocean at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad since September 2007. The Interim Tsunami Warning Centre was operational at INCOIS as early as July 2005. As a special gesture, Central Government exempted steel and cement for housing reconstruction from excise duty.

A Core Group in the Planning Commission was set up under the direction of Hon’ble Prime Minister (PMO UO No.100/61/C/42/04-ES/II) to coordinate and manage the National Tsunami Reconstruction efforts. The Core Group has representation from Central Ministries / Departments, State Governments, Research Institutions and the Planning Commission. The Core Group / Planning Commission will have the required flexibility to refine and fine tune the Tsunami Rehabilitation Program from time to time with the approval of the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission.
The above project was sanctioned by Government of India as Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Programme at a cost of Rs.2347.19 crore.
The Components taken up for rehabilitation and reconstruction are
• Roads and Bridges
• Housing Reconstruction
• Fisheries and Livelihood
• Ports and Jetties



Highlights of achievements under RGRP

• Construction of 25,192 vulnerable houses from 0-200 metres HTL along the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu at a total cost of Rs. 807.11 crore (USD 184.018 M)(ie) 18,671 houses by Rural Development and 6,521 houses by TNSCB. So far 12,820 houses have been completed.
• Construction of 3,904 NGO backed out houses taken up by Government at a cost of Rs.93.80 crore. (USD 214.155 M) So far 3,516 houses have been completed.
• A sum of Rs.152.15 crore was given to fishermen as an immediate relief measure for repair, reconstruction and restoration of vallams, catamarans, mechanized boats, FRP boats, nets etc.,
• Further, Additional relief materials such as Heavy duty bicycle, Rechargeable lantern; Life Jackets; Insulated ice boxes and nets was also given to 42,000 fishermen at a cost of Rs.110.36 crore. (USD 25.196 M)
Providing seamless communication network to fisherman in Tamil Nadu – Plot project in Ramanathapuram district at a cost of Rs.7.73 crore (USD 1.674 M) in progress.
Restoration of drinking water (power pump) to the tune of Rs.14.25 crore.
Repairs and reconstruction of roads & bridges at a total cost of Rs.289.92 crore.
Assistance to orphans, reimbursement of education claims and supply of uniform and text books to the tune of Rs.45.08 crore.
Out 10 fish land centres proposed at a cost of Rs.50 crore (USD 11.415 M) work in 6 fish landing centres commenced, tenders received under evaluation for 3 centres and CRZ clearance awaited for 1 centre.