ETRP Phase II >> About Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project


The World Bank has approved the Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project to repair damaged houses and provide for multi hazard resistant houses, reclaim agricultural lands, strengthen fisheries infrastructure, strengthen animalhusbandry infrastructure, restore damaged public infrastructure, create green shelter belts and undertake scientific studies in the affected coastal areas.  
  • Covers 13 coastal districts of Tamil Nadu
  • The expected date of completion is 31.12.2012
  • Total cost of the project is Rs.1852.74 crore ($423 million)
Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project is an externally aided project with assistance from World Bank
  • Provide for multi hazard resistant housing for tsunami affected people
  • Reclaim and restore agricultural and horticultural lands
  • Restore and strengthen fisheries infrastructure
  • Restore and strengthen animal husbandry infrastructure
  • Restore and strengthen the damaged public infrastructure like roads,water supply, bridges, schools, health centres, etc.
  • Strengthen coastal social and economic infrastructure
  • Create Green Shelter Belt
  • Conduct scientific studies to understand coastal ecology and plan for suitable disaster management projects.