ETRP Phase II >> Components of Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project


The following components will be implemented under Restructured ETRP-VRCC Project

Vulnerability Reduction of Coastal Communities
1. Construction of about 128 or more new evacuation shelters, construction or improvement of about 150 km of evacuation routes to improve road linkages to such shelters, and installation of early warning systems in villages within 1,000 meters of the High Tide Line (HTL).

2. Reconstruction of about 17,000 risk-prone houses in the 200-1,000 meter vicinity (except houses located in areas classified as CRZ 1) of the HTL in 11 coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and provision of insurance assistance and relocation support to the Beneficiaries.

3. Provision of technical assistance and implementation support for Part F of the Project, including training of staff, including integrated disaster management planning and preparedness, habitation planning, and disaster resistant housing construction, training of masons and other construction workers in disaster resistant construction practices, capacity building of communities in the execution of disaster management plans, and protocols and procedures for maintenance and operation of early warning systems and evacuation shelters, management support, procurement assistance, monitoring, evaluation and audit.