ETRP Phase I >> Components of Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project >> Component 4

  Technical Assistance and Training (US$11.1 million, about 1.5% of total)

This component would finance:

(a) Technical assistance and capacity building for housing reconstruction. This will include specialized help in the preparation of detailed project reports, land management, resettlement layouts and related infrastructure plans, training of masons in hazard resistance construction technologies. Assistance may also be provided in the restoration and restitution of boundaries and land/plot rights and titling in situ, surveying, mapping, land use zoning and demarcation;

(b) Preparation of social and environmental management plans in accordance with ESMF;

(c) Community participation efforts to ensure involvement of the affected communities, especially the most vulnerable groups, in planning, deciding, implementing and monitoring the housing reconstruction and livelihoods programs. This will also include facilitation of voluntary relocation and settlement in an equitable, efficient and socially accepted manner, raising awareness and dissemination of information about the project activities to ensure transparency and accountability during implementation. In addition the grievance redress mechanism will be strengthened;

(d) Studies to assess the vulnerabilities and longer term issues associated with coastal zone protection; environmental studies on coastal water quality, ground water quality, pollution of tidal influenced water bodies in urban areas and capacity building among various stake holders and hazard risk management. Special focus would be given to seriously impacted areas such as - the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu and Karaikal region of Pondicherry; and

(e) Updating the management plans under the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification by demarcating High Tide Line (HTL) and evolving an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZMP) for select stretches of the coast line.