ETRP Phase I >> Components of Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project >> Component 2

Restoration of Livelihoods (US$36.4 million, about 5% of total)

The project would help restore livelihoods of affected families through two sub- components:

(i) assistance to fisheries (US$25.5 million) which will include
  • restoration of damaged fisheries infrastructure, such as harbors, patrol boats, clearing bar mouth and estuaries to maintain estuarine habitats, and aquaculture infrastructure; and
  • reestablishment of safety-at-sea systems/services (detailed description is provided in Attachment 2); and

(ii) assistance to agriculture, horticulture and livestock (US$10.9 million), which will include:

  • restoration of damaged agricultural lands (about 9,300 ha) and horticultural lands (670 ha), farm ponds and dug wells;
  • repair / reconstruction of damaged infrastructure such as veterinary dispensaries and veterinary extension centers and the upgrading of veterinary care services through training to the community based veterinary workers and farmers in animal husbandry activities; and
  • promotion of sustainable management of coastal land and water resources.