ETRP Phase I >> Components of Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project

The Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project (ETRP) would provide support in

  • Tamil Nadu for reconstruction of housing and public buildings and for revival of livelihoods in fisheries, agriculture and animal husbandry;
  • Pondicherry for housing reconstruction and revival of livelihoods in fisheries and agriculture, and
  • Both Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry in capacity building in housing reconstruction and coast zone management along with technical assistance to implement the program.

Total project cost is estimated at US$682.8 million, including contingencies, of which US$465.0 million, or about 68 percent, would be provided through IDA funding. The remaining US$217.8 million, or about 32 percent, would be provided by the Government. The estimated cost of different components will be reviewed regularly with GOI and the project states and adapted to changing financing that may become available from different sources, particularly funding available from the non-government sectors. Following is a brief description of the project components and sub-components: