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Circular No. 14063/2020 dated 13.10.2020 New

Circular No. 4367/2019 dated 6.11.2019 New

Circular No. 7671/2020 dated 29.06.2020New

G.O.Ms. No.110 Dated 21.08.2019 New

Circular based on the G.O No. 21 Dt. 05th February 2019

G.O.Ms.No. 21,  Dt. 5.2.2019 of Housing and Urban Development Department

Circular No. 4367/2019 dated 14.10.2019

Power delegation Circular No. 4367/2019 dated 31.10.2019

Power delegation to subordinate office regarding Layout Approval

Grant of Planning Permission -Power delegation to Local Bodies

Implementation of unapproved layout regularization scheme Dated 28th March 2019

Circular - Simplification and Transparency in grant of Planning Permission Instructions

Circular - Supplementary Power Delegation to Field Officers

Grant of Planning Permission - Power Delegation to Field Officers

Power Delegation to Field Officers of DTCP

Circular based on the G.O No. 21 Dt. 05th February 2019

TNRERA - Regularisation of layout - To be applied for registration - Reg

Operational guidelines for issuing Construction Completion Certificate (CCC)  and Completion Certificate (CC)

Submission of Building Drawings through on line made compulsory

Qualification for professionals including architects and engineers
engaged in the construction process

Concurrence for the buildings of the Educational institutions - Guidelines

Click here to submit online application for Concurrence for buildings of Educational institutions

Ensure the Land Ownership

Reclassification Procedure reducing time limit

Circular with regard to increasing the height of special building to 17.25m

Circular on Structural Stability Dated 25th July 2014

D.O letter from CTCP

CIRCULAR-ROC No.26376-10-LA2 Dated 22.07.2016

CIRCULAR-ROC No.9860/2010 - MPI Dated 20.09.2016

ROC No.342/2016-LA1 Dated 11.01.2017

ROC No.2772/2017/GR Dated 02.06.2017

ROC No.6906/2017-UP2 Dated 24.06.2017

Roc No 26410-2013-B1-Dated 28.4.2017

Roc No 3593-2017-LA1-Dated 22.3.2017

Roc No 9278-2017-BA1-Dated 30.6.2017

Roc No 9660-2017-GR-Dated 14.6.2017

Roc No 9860-2010-MP1-Dated 20.9.2016

Roc No 11581-2014-BA1-Dated 11.5.2017

Roc No 11687-2017-RT1-Dated 5.7.2017

Roc No 16091-2016-MP1-Dated 11.5.2017

Roc No 25437-2014-GR-Dated 2.5.2017

Roc No 25437-2014-GR-Dated 6.6.2017

Roc No 6423/2017/T Dated 3.10.2017

Roc. No. 13193/1017-LA1 Dated 9.5.2018