Department of Sugar

The Sugar Industry in Tamilnadu is an important agro-based industry next to textile industry.  It plays a major role in the economic development of rural areas in Tamilnadu.  The Sugar Industry generates large-scale direct employment, apart from providing indirect employment to thousands of persons in rural areas who are involved in cultivation, harvesting, transport of cane and other services.  There are 38 sugar mills in this State of which 16 are in Coop. Sector, 3 are in Public Sector and 19 are in Private Sector. The Department of Sugar was formed in the year 1969,  in  order to devote special attention to the development of sugarcane and to regulate and oversee the establishment of sugar mills in the Co-operative and Private sector. 

The Director of Sugar is the Head of the Department for regulating and coordinating the various functions relating to the sugar mills in the State.  All the powers of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies under the Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Act are vested with the Director  of  Sugar.  The Director of Sugar has been designated as Cane Commissioner and has to enforce the provisions of Sugarcane Control Order, 1966 and Tamilnadu Sugar Factories Control Act, 1949.  As the main functions of this Department  are limited to supervision and co-ordination of the working of the Cooperative and Public Sector Sugar Mills in the State, this Department  has no direct contact with the public.  The main functions of this Department are given below:


i)   Exploring the feasibility of setting up of new Sugar Mills in Cooperative/Public/Private Sectors.

ii)  Evaluating the need for expansion of the existing crushing capacity of the sugar mills with reference to the cane availability.

iii)  As Functional Registrar for Cooperative Sugar Mills, to monitor the activities of Cooperative Sugar Mills with reference to the Tamilnadu Cooperative Societies Act & Rules.

iv)  Formation of new roads, link roads and maintenance of the existing roads from out of the Cane Cess Fund.

v)  In the capacity of Cane Commissioner, allotment of cane areas to the sugar mills in the State and recommending reasonable cane price for the cane farmers.

vi)  Ensuring industrial peace in the Cooperative Sugar Mills by sorting out the labour demands, on a coordinated basis.

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