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Concerned Department : Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department
Concerned District : All Districts
Organisation Name : Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal
Scheme Details
Title / Name : Distress Relief Scheme
Associated Scheme :
Sponsored By : State
Funding Pattern : To sanction financial assistance to bereaved families who have lost their breadwinners Rs.10,000/-(Central Government Assistance)
Beneficiaries : Citizen
Benefits Types : Incentives
Eligibility criteria
Income : 0
Age : --
Community : --
Other Details : --
How To Avail : Tahsildar/Special Tahsildar (Social Security Scheme.)
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On :
Valid Upto : --
Description : Distress Relief Scheme- 1)Legal heirs of the deceased breadwinner of the family 2)Landless Agricultural Labourers family. 3) Marginal farmers who possess less than 2.5 acres of irrigated land or 5 acres of unirrigated land or a total of 5 acres of irrigated and unirrigated lands. If a person having irrigated and unirrigated land, one acre irrigated land to be taken as 2 acres unirrigated land. If lease cultivation 1 acre lease land should be taken as 0.5 acres and thus total area to be arrived. 4) Annual income Rs. 7200/- from all sources.