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Concerned Department : Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department
Concerned District : All Districts
Organisation Name : Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal
Scheme Details
Title / Name : Destitute physically handicapped pension scheme
Associated Scheme :
Sponsored By : State
Funding Pattern : Destitute Physically Handicapped persons whose disability is more than 50 per cent and blind persons. Rs.400/- per month
Beneficiaries : Citizen
Benefits Types : Incentives
Eligibility criteria
Income : 0
Age : --
Community : --
Other Details : --
How To Avail : Tahsildar/Special Tahsildar (Social Security Scheme.)
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On :
Valid Upto : --
Description : Destitute physically handicapped person scheme, Age must be above 45 years. 2.Must have no source of income. Must not be a professional beggar. Must not be supported by son or grand son aged above 20 years. If the District Committee constituted by the District Collector, District Social Welfare Officer and District Medical Officer recommends, Physically Handicapped Pension is sanctioned without any age limit. No age limit for totally blind persons. Must not possess property of value more than Rs.5,000/- Medical Certificate need not be submitted by the physically Handicapped persons who lost both of their legs