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Concerned Department : Agriculture Department
Concerned District : All Districts
Organisation Name : --
Scheme Details
Title / Name : Tamil Nadu Farmers Development and Welfare Scheme
Associated Scheme :
Sponsored By : State
Funding Pattern :
Beneficiaries : Farmers
Benefits Types : Subsidy
Eligibility criteria
Income : --
Age : --
Community : --
Other Details : --
How To Avail : All farmers who sell one or more than one MT of their agricultural produce per year in the Regulated Markets.
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On :
Valid Upto : --
Description : The farmers / tenants who sell one or more than one metric ton of their agricultural produce through Regulated Markets every year are enrolled under this scheme and they are eligible for a grant upto rs. 1,00,000, in case of death / permanent disability due to accident/ death due to snake bite, rs. 75,000 for loss of both the hands / legs / eyes due to accident, and rs.50,000 for loss of one hand / leg / eye or permanent hip disability due to accident. Farmers need not pay any premium for this grant. The Market Committee concerned and Tamil Nadu State Agricultural Marketing Board contribute 10 per individual per year equally.
Scheme Type : download
Uploaded File : agriculture.pdf