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Concerned Department : Agriculture Department
Concerned District : All Districts
Organisation Name : Agriculture Production
Scheme Details
Title / Name : Under Integrated Scheme for Oilpalm
Associated Scheme :
Sponsored By : State
Funding Pattern :
Beneficiaries : Farmers
Benefits Types : Incentives
Eligibility criteria
Income : --
Age : --
Community : --
Other Details : --
How To Avail : Village Level Assistant Agricultural officer Block Level Deputy Agricultural Officer /Agricultural Officer and Assistant Director of Agriculture District Level Joint Director of Agriculture
Validity of the Scheme
Introduced On :
Valid Upto : --
Description : i) Cultivation Maintenance An amount of rs. 2450 per ha during Second Year, rs.2800 per ha during Third Year and rs.3250 per ha during the Fourth Year is provided towards maintenance of the Oilpalm crop. ii) Training to Farmers on the Production aspects of Oilpalm 15,000 per training is provided towards incidental charges including transport, food, training materials,honorarium to trainers, refreshment etc., at 50 farmers per batch for 2 days iii) Covering the root stalk with wire mesh to avoid root damage by rats at rs. 20 per seedling – rs. 2860 per Ha. iv) Lures for control of Rhinoceros beetle under IPM 50percent subsidy (maximum 100 per Ha.)
Scheme Type : download
Uploaded File : agriculture.pdf