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Superannuation Pension


Superannuation pension is payable on retirement after attaining the age of superannuation (i.e)

        58 years for superior service          

  60 years for basic service


  1. Net qualifying service (expressed in half years)

  2. Person should have a minimum Net Qualifying Service of 10 years  (20 half years)

  3. Full pension at 50% of the average emoluments/pay last drawn  shall be paid to  those who have put in not less than 30years (60 half years) of net qualifying service

  4. Proportionate pension shall be payable where the net qualifying  service is less than 30 years (60 half years)


      Net qualifying service = Gross qualifying service       
     less Services not counting for qualifying service        

  • Gross qualifying service includes all service whether  permanent /officiating / temporary with out break

  • Services not counting for qualifying service:

  • Boy service (service rendered prior to completion of 18  years) 

  • Extra-ordinary leave taken without Medical certificate 

  • Suspension period treated as substantive punishment 

  • Over stayal of joining time not regularized


  1.  A fraction of a year equal to three months and above shall be treated as a completed one half year and reckoned as qualifying service for pensionary services

  2. A Government Servant who is dismissed, removed or compulsory retired from service but is reinstated on appeal or review is entitled to count his past service as qualifying service 

  3. Resignation from service or post entails forfeiture of past service whether temporary or permanent under the Government where service qualifies


Average emoluments = Average of 10 months emoluments (Pay + Grade Pay) drawn prior to date of retirement

For the purpose of pensionary benefits, emoluments means

  1.    Pay,

  2.    Special pay,

  3.    Grade Pay and

  4.    Personal pay.


Pension  =  50%  x  Average emoluments for 10 months/Pay last drawn  before retirement

(for persons having full qualifying service)

 Pension   =  50%  x  Average emoluments for 10 months/Pay last drawn before        retirement x   No. of completed half years' service divided by 60       

(for persons having less than full qualifying service)

Applicable to Government employees  retiring on or after 1.7.2006 vide G.O.No. 496, Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated 1st August 2006

The maximum qualifying service reduced from 33 years to 30 years to become eligible for full pension.

Pension shall be determined based on 50% of  pay last drawn.

NOTE: Now the minimum pension is Rs.3050/-w.e.f. 1.1.2007.