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Village Industries


The activities of the Board under leather industry are the production of shoes, chappals and other leather products.  There are 26 foot-wear units functioning all over Tamilnadu and the units at Ambattur, Perambur and Pallavaram are major  ones.   The requirements of the Government Departments like Prisons, Police and   Fire services and Public Sector Undertakings like Transport Corporations are being catered by the Board.  The workers engaged in the production of leather goods in the leather industrial units mainly belong mainly to SC/ST Communities.



The Board produces various kinds of soaps by using basic raw materials, viz.,  Neem oil, Palm fatty acid, sandalwood oil,  etc., along with other ingredients required for the production of soap.  The Board's washing soap, toilet soap and detergent powder are popular among the customers. The Neem soap is known for its antiseptic and antipimple properties, while sandal soap for its emollient beauty action on the skin.


The Board known for its low-priced, eco friendly quality products has come out with a range of new soap and detergent products, which include Mooliga herbal soap, Ezhil herbal shampoo, Superclean herbal handwash in attractive twin flavours, Gopuram Detergent cake, Rubup Dishwash bar and related products of Sugapriya pain relieving oil, Jawadhu powder and Computer sambrani. Due to constant updating of its products to keep up with market developments, as of today the Board has sixteen soap and detergent products. There are 37 soap units under the Board and it offers employment to about 500 rural artisans. 



Bee-Keeping Industry is one of the important activities of Board. Honey manufactured by the Board has good patronage among the public.  The Board’s Honey processing unit at Amsi in Kanyakumari District is producing "A", Grade Honey. Raw honey is procured mostly from Jamunamaruthur in Thiruvannamalai District and Marthandam in Kanyakumari District.  .  This raw honey is processed and 100% tested before packing for sales in addition to being Agmark labelled.  The Government provides financial support to this Industry by way of providing grant for supply of bee-hives to the Tribals on hill areas, Scheduled Castes /Scheduled Tribes under Western Ghats Development Programmes, Hill Area Development Programme and Integrated Tribal Development Programme.  The income earned by the farmers through bee-keeping activities is an additional income to their agriculture income.



Handmade Paper Industry is an industry which is purely based on "wealth from waste".  The main areas of production of this industry are Bond Paper, Writing Paper, file pads, paper covers, carry bags, etc.    Most of the workers engaged in these units are from rural areas.  These labourers are earning their wages under  " Minimum Wages Act".  The Board obtains orders from High Court, Government Archives, Government Hospitals and Southern Railways  for their requirements of papers, covers, etc., and also from Private Institutions.  The effort of expanding the marketing these products will continue, so that regular employment may be given to the rural agriculturists. Apart from this during 2002-2003, a paper bag and paper cover unit has been established under HADP and one more unit has also been established under WGDP  for manufacturing of corrugated Boxes.



Pottery Industry is one of the traditional  industries in the State. 4 pottery units function under the control of the Board.  In these units, Glazed wares and pottery articles are being manufactured which have a good  patronage.   Khadi Krafts spread all over the State sell ceramic and fancy articles