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The production of cotton Khadi is one of the major activities of the Board which creates employment opportunities for rural artisans. Under this sector, the major function is to produce Khadi of all varieties which involve the process of spinning, weaving, bleaching and dyeing, etc.,. 


There are about 204 Rural Textiles Centres, 80 sub-centres and 50 Nepali Loom Centres in addition to one Dyeing and Bleaching unit at Bhavanisagar.  These units give employment to about 20,000 artisans, of which 12,500 are women-folk The major products produced from Khadi Cotton are various types of Dhoties, Shirtings, Towels,  Bedsheets, Bedspread, Uniform cloth and Other varieties. A target of Rs. 8 crores is fixed for production of Khadi and polyester varieties through the Board for the year 2002 - 2003.



The Silk Industry is an old Industry.  The silk sarees produced by the Board are unique with prices ranging from normal to maximum and having a good potential in the market.    The Board has also introduced attractive stainguard and printed sarees which are gaining popularity among the customers.    Continuous efforts are being made to change the colour, design  including computer design  of these sarees to meet the latest taste of the consumers.  The Board is providing employment opportunities for about 1554 silk weavers throughout the year.  Besides, the Board is also having its own Silk Twisting Centre and Dyeing Centre at Kattampatti exclusively for Silk.  A target of Rs.27 crores is fixed for the production of Khadi silk for the year 2002-2003 through the Board.




This is one of the major financial supports given by the State Government   and Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Mumbai. The Government have announced 30% rebate every year on sale  of  Khadi and 20% rebate on sale of Silk throughout the year including the rebate on sale offered by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.  The Government have fixed the above rebate to the Board to the maximum  of  Rs.2 crores for the year 2002 - 2003.  The rebate  is also extended to the  Certified Institutions of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.  The Government have fixed the maximum of Rs.5 crores  as rebate amount to the Certified Institutions for the  year 2002 - 2003.



Artisan Welfare Fund is operated by the Board.  The weavers contribute 12% of their wages to this Fund and the Board also contributes an equal share.  The corpus fund thus created is utilized for the benefit of the spinners and weavers.  Further, 10% incentive on wages is paid to the spinners and weavers by the Board. Assistance is being given for marriage, education and medical needs etc., from this Fund.


A Family Welfare Scheme for the payment of an ex-gratia of Rs.20,000/- to the legal heir of deceased Spinners and Weavers of the Board is being  implemented.


A pension scheme of Rs.200/- per month to the spinners and weavers of the Board who have attained the age of sixty is also being implemented.