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Tamilnadu has a rich history of culture and tradition that has evolved over centuries.  Perhaps the most profused flowering of the Tamil culture is in the handicrafts of Tamilnadu.


Flights of fancy are tempered by tradition.  Imagination and creativity find expression in the skill of loving, caring, disciplined hands.  The crafts of Tamilnadu speak with subtle beauty. They add grace and beauty to lifestyles the world over.


More popularly known among connoisseurs of art as Poompuhar, for the last 25 years, we have been tirelessly endeavouring to bring alive the lost and rare handicrafts of Tamilnadu.


By ceaselessly promoting the various ethnic art forms, simultaneously preserving antique artefacts from Chola and Pandya dynasties by reproducing their replicas, Poompuhar has become a world-known destination for pilgrims of art in search of fine handiworks of India, such as life-like, Stone Sculptures, Celestial figures in Bronze, Brass lamps, Rosewood Carvings, Sandalwood Carvings, country wood Carvings, Tanjore Art Plates, Tanjore Picture Paintings and much, and much more.


Poompuhar has earned implicit trust from its patrons for quality, authenticity and taste because of its commitment to the artistic lineage of the country as well as to the noble aims of keeping our rich art forms and artisans alive.


Apart from a large network of 16 showrooms spread over the country, the Corporation also has production Centres in crafts of Bronzes, Brass lamps, Sandalwood carvings, Tanjore Artplates and Stone sculptures.


Poompuhar also undertakes orders for all temple requirements such as wooden, silver and golden chariots, wooden ornamental doors, kavachams, vahanams, bells, idols, Dwajasthambams, silver sheeting work, gold cladding work on copper sheeting work, gold/silver kavasams for daities  and all other temple needs.