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Tamil Nadu Zari Limited, Kancheepuram, is a Public Limited concern established in 1971 by the Government of Tamil Nadu, under the Companies Act 1956 with the objectives to produce and supply Zari to cooperative handloom weavers’ of the silk industry in the State and to provide protection to the silk handloom weavers’ cooperative societies in the State engaged in the weaving of silk by making available the required quality of zari at the reasonable rates to save them from stiff competitions of the monopoly of the zari merchants in and outside of the State.

2) It is needless to say that the handloom silk sarees woven with zari motifs and design in the State especially in places like Kancheepuram, Arni,  Kumbakonam were known for their rare beauty and design and remains to be the traditional Handicrafts of the weavers for ages. Such woven designed silk sarees are greatly admired by foreign visitors and thus form an important place on the world silk route


 In order to build the confidence and credibility among the customers and in the industry about the quality of zari in silk fabrics, testing is very important and much required.  Hitherto, for testing metal contents in zari, destructive method of testing has been carried out.  Now, the testing of zari samples and zari made fabric are carried out by Non-destructive testing (XRF Analyser), which is a unique one.  The technical know-how of the project was jointly developed by Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Councils (TIFAC) and Tamil Nadu Zari with the guidance of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR, Kalpakkam).

The Zari is sold in terms of MARC.  Weight of one marc is 242 grams.  The composition of the marc is indicated below: -

                              SILVER     55        to     57%

                              SILK         22         to     24%

                              GOLD    0.59        to   0.60%

                              COPPER   20        to     22%

SHARE CAPITAL:                                                         

   Authorised Share Capital        Rs. 50.00 lakhs

   Paid up Capital                       Rs. 34.40 lakhs.

 The Government of Tamil Nadu holds the entire shares of the Company.     


                 The Company has declared and paid dividend to Government as detailed below:- 



Rs.1.32 lakhs



Rs.3.30 lakhs



Rs.8.60 lakhs



Rs.8.60 lakhs



Rs.8.60 lakhs



Rs.12.04 lakhs



Rs.17.20 lakhs

                           PRODUCTION CAPACITY

At present the units are having 5 Gilding machines in the "A" Unit,  monthly production is 6,500 marcs per month.

In the "B" Unit at present we are having 2 Gilding machines, monthly production is 700 marcs per month. 

Total production is (6500+700) = 7200 marcs per month.


The required raw materials for the production of the gold zari are:-

Ø      Silver wire        -  76 to 77%

Ø      Silk                   -   13 X 15 denier

Ø      Gold                 -   24 carat.


The unit is having a well-equipped laboratory for testing raw materials and finished product (viz) Gold thread.  Apart from this the Zari purchased from Surat by the Silk Cooperatiove Societies in the state  are also tested at our laboratory.



With a view  to protecting  the interest of the traditionally handicraft industry of zari making and zari design weaving, Tamil Nadu Zari Limited commenced  its commercial production of zari from 1974 onwards and the entire production of the zari is supplied to various service institutions and co-operatives Weavers Service Centre, Kancheepuram. Silk Handloom weaver's co-operative societies, in Tamil Nadu under the control of the Government of Tamil Nadu. 


To explore marketing with other Agency, we have sold zari marcs with different specifications to Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation, Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation at Bangalore. (Karnataka State) and The Kanhirode Weavers’ Co-operative Production and Sales society at Kerala.


The Centralised Purchase Committee  for zari fixes the selling rate of Zari every month.The Company is selling Zari at the rate fixed by the Committee headed by the Director of Handlooms and Textiles, Chennai.


1) The Company has also tried and established a Pilot Project for production of silver wire on trial basis under Research and Development Schemes with the Technical assistance of Non Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre, Hyderabad.

2) As part of silver wire drawing project, Tamil Nadu Zari Limited has applied for getting  partial financial assistance from PASTER under DSIR, New Delhi.  The PASTER  also sanctioned a loan of Rs.19.00 lakhs to Tamil Nadu Zari Limited . This project cost  will be repaid as annual lump-sum realty payments of Rs.5.00 lakhs (Rupees five lakhs only) for a period of 5 years by Tamil Nadu Zari Limited, starting from the last date of the financial year during which the project is successfully completed.  

3) Now the Silver Wire Drawing machines are working from Oct'2000.



 It has been planned to undertake the following Development schemes for the benefit of the Company in this year, and it has been approved by the Board.  The Schemes are such as:-

 i)    Export of Zari

 ii)    Installing XRF Machines for zari testing under non-destructive method at a estimated capital cost of Rs.30.00 lakhs.

 iii)    Getting Financial support from TIFAC, New Delhi for the above  said Project to the extent of Rs.15.00 lakhs.

ISO 9002

During the year 2000 the unit has been awarded ISO 9002 certification for the Quality Assurance System.  In view of having gone for that certificate, the Company is benefited in the following ways:-

Ø      1.  In general Quality awareness has been  imbibed  the employees.

Ø      2.  All  processes and testing methods are documented on Scientific basis.

Ø      3.  The  Company is equipped to face Competition on account of W.T.O scenario.

Ø      4.  Customers resistance has been slowly faded, instead company gains, goodwill.


The relationship between the workers and the management has been cordial throughout the year.  The following benefits have been  extended to Workers:-


    i)     On the eve of 25th year of completion of the Company the Management persuade action with the Board for sanction of memento i.e. Titan Watch to all the employees.

    ii)    On the eve of getting ISO 9002 certification to the Company the management has persuaded  the Board for sanction of one by-cycle to the employees.

    iii)   The Insurance cover per employee has been enhanced from Rs.25,000/- to Rs.60,000/-.

    iv)    The breakfast allowance per employee enhanced from Rs.3.00 to Rs.5.00  for  those who are attending for morning shifts.

     v)     The following materials of personal health are given to  the workers of the Company.

a)    Hamam Soap:            2 Nos.(monthly)

b)    Khadi Soap:            1 Piece (monthly)

c)    Towel:                    3 Nos.(per annum)

d)    Gilding workers:    1 pair of Cum boot.

    vi)    Uniforms to all workers (two sets of Pant and Shirt) every year.

    vii)   Medical Treatment: 

Periodical checkup and medical treatment are given to Gilding workers.



            The company contributed Rs.25.00 lakhs to the National Kargil Relief Fund.




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