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The Department of Sericulture was formed in the year of 1979 with headquarters at Salem. The department has taken up various developmental programmes like, 

         Hill Area Development Programme,

         Western Ghat Development Programme,

         Integrated Tribal Development Programme,

         World Bank aided National Sericulture Project,

         Swiss Agency for Development & Co-operation sponsored schemes and

         Central Silk Board aided Catalytic Development Programme.

Organization chart of the department is enclosed separately.


The objectives of the department include,

a)      Motivating the farmers to plant high yielding mulberry varieties to increase income and   productivity.

b)      Imparting training in mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing and silk  reeling.

c)      Assist in procurement of improved rearing equipment and construction of separate rearing house.

d)      Ensure supply of disease free silkworm seeds.

e)      Enhance skill of farmers for increased cocoon productivity and to prevent silkworm diseases.

f)        Provide assistance to establish silk reeling units in the private sector.

g)      Provide assistance to establish drip irrigation system in mulberry  gardens.

h)      Assist sericulturists and reelers to dispose of their cocoon, silk etc., in regulated cocoon markets /

         silk exchange.

 i)      Facilitate sericulturists to adopt new technologies developed.