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Tourism,Culture and Religious Endowments Department
Year : 2004
G.O.Ms.No.331 Dt: August 24, 2004   Download Icon 70KBTourism – Installation of Payment Gate Way System by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., sanction of funds by Government of India – Scheme approved – Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.314 Dt: August 16, 2004   Download Icon 76KBTourism – Government of India Assisted Scheme 1999-2000 – Construction of Yatriniwas at Elagiri, Vellore District at the total cost of Rs.40.00 lakhs approved –sanction of first instalment of Central share of Rs.9.00 lakhs - Orders – Issued
G.O.Ms.No.44 Dt: February 27, 2004   Download Icon 65KBTourism – Promotion of Tourism – Providing infrastructural facilities at Arulmigu Prasanna Vengatachalapathi Thirukoil, Gunaseelam in Tiruchirapalli District at a cost of Rs.5.00 lakhs(Rupees 3.75 lakhs from Temple fund and Rs.1.25 lakhs from State fund) – Sanction of Rs.1.25 lakhs (Rupees one lakh and twenty five thousand only)from State fund – Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.42 Dt: February 25, 2004   Download Icon 65KBTourism – Provision of Infrastructural facilities at the Pilgrim Centres in Karur District – Administrative approval for Rs.9.00 lakhs (Rupees 6.75 lakhs from District Administration and Rs.2.25 lakhs from State funds) – Sanction of Rs.2.25 lakhs – Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.39 Dt: February 17, 2004   Download Icon 67KBTourism – Development of Roche Park in Thoothukudi District – Estimate approved for Rs.14.00 lakhs and sanction of Rs.7.00 lakhs (Rupees Seven lakhs only) from State funds – Orders – Issued.
G.O. (Ms) No.26 Dt: February 10, 2004   Download Icon 68KBTourism – Promotion of Infrasructural facilities at Thirumullaivasal Beach in Nagapattinam District
G.O.(Ms) No. 15 Dt: January 29, 2004   Download Icon 74KBTourism – Government of India Assisted Scheme 2001-2002Provision of High Mast Light at Tiruttani
Year : 2003
G.O. (Ms) No.349 Dt: December 15, 2003   Download Icon 68KBTourism - Information and Tourism – Government of India Assisted Scheme – Prioritised for 1999-2000 – Development of Parking lot at Kanniyakumari with Government of India Assistance at a total cost of Rs.100.00 lakhs approved – sanction of Rs.15.00 lakhs as first instalment of Central share and sanction of Rs.50.00 lakhs as first instalment of State share – Orders – Issued
G.O.Ms.No.322 Dt: November 24, 2003   Download Icon 78KBTourism – Government of India Assisted Schemes – Prioritized for the year 2003-2004 – Infrastructure facilities at Kancheepuram – Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, sanctioned Rs.259.40 lakhs in full- approval of the project and Administrative sanction – orders – issued.
G.O.Ms.No.234 Dt: October 17, 2003   Download Icon 65KBInformation and Tourism - Tourism -Government of India Assisted Scheme 1999 -2000 - Development of Parking lot at Tiruttani - sanction of Second installment of Rs.10.00 lakhs released by the Government of India sanctioned - orders issued.
G.O. (Ms) No.197 Dt: October 07, 2003   Download Icon 66KBTourism – part II Schemes for 2003-2004 – Rs.25.00 lakhs sanctioned for preparation of Master Plan for Tourist Destination/Circuit – Orders issued
G.O.Ms.No.178 Dt: October 03, 2003   Download Icon 72KBTourism - Government of India Assisted Scheme 2001-2002 - Improvement of Boat Jetty and purchase of boats for Muttukadu - sanction of the project by the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi - Approval of the project - Orders Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.176 Dt: October 03, 2003   Download Icon 69KBTourism - Government of India Assisted Scheme prioritized for 2001-2002 - Construction of Tourist Reception Centre at Kanniyakumari with Government of India Assistance at a total cost of Rs.60.00 Lakhs approved - sanction of Rs.13.50 lakhs along with Rs.4.50 lakhs as State share release of 1st instalment - Orders Issued.
G.O.(2D).No.19 Dt: August 26, 2003   Download Icon 63KBTourism – part II Schemes for 2003-2004 – Opening of 5 New Tourist Information Centres at Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Guwahati and Varanasi at a cost of Rs.7.75 lakhs – Amount sanctioned – Orders Issued.
G.O. (2D) No.16 Dt: July 22, 2003   Download Icon 61KBTourism – part II Schemes for 2003-2004 – a sum of Rs.18.00 lakhs (Rupees Eighteen lakhs only)
G.O.(2D).No.13 Dt: June 26, 2003   Download Icon 63KBTourism - Part-II Schemes for 2003-2004 - A sum of Rs.5.00 Lakhs (Rupees Five lakhs only) - Sanctioned for organizing Guide Training - Orders - issued.
G.O.Ms.No.126 Dt: June 26, 2003   Download Icon 65KBInformation and Tourism Government of India assisted Scheme 1999-2000 - Provision of Public convenience near Varadharaja Perumal Temple at Kancheepuram.sanction of 2nd instalment of Rs.6.00 lakhs (Rupees Six lakhs only) released by theGovernment of India - orders - issued
G.O.(2D).No.9 Dt: June 19, 2003   Download Icon 62KBTourism – part II Schemes for 2003-2004 – a sum of Rs.25.00 lakhs (Rupees Twenty five lakhs only) sanctioned for organizing Tamil Nadu Travel Mart in Chennai (SKAL) – Orders issued.
G.O. (D) No.125 Dt: June 02, 2003   Download Icon 63KBTourism - Part II schemes for 2003-2004 - a sum of Rs.50.00 lakhs sanctioned for upgrading infrastructural facilities at Navagraha Circuits Covering Suriyanar Koil,Thingalur Koil, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Thiruvenkadu, Alangudi, Kanchanoor, Keezhaperumpallam, Thirunageswaram and Thirunallar etc. orders issued.
G.O.Ms.No. 71 Dt: March 28, 2003   Download Icon 72KBTourism -Government of India Assisted Scheme Prioritised for 2001-2002 - Development of Picnic Spot at Veedur Dam in Villupuram District with Government of India Assistance at a total cost of Rs.10.00 lakhs (Rupees Ten lakhs only) approved- sanction of Rs.1.50 lakhs as first instalment of Central share and Orders issued