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Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department
Year : 2020
G.O.Ms.No.30 Dt: May 18, 2020   Download Icon 152KBSetting up of SDGCC at State Level - Diversion of posts from SDPC formerly SPC - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.28 Dt: May 15, 2020   Download Icon 461KBSetting up of the Sustainable Development Goals - Coordination Centre (SDGCC) at State Level and Diversion of posts from the State Development Policy Council (SDPC) formerly State Planning Commission (SPC) - Orders - Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.24 Dt: April 24, 2020   Download Icon 204KBEstt- Post of Vice Chairman, State Planning Commission - Redesignated as Vice Chairman, State Development Policy Council - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.23 Dt: April 23, 2020   Download Icon 1012KBEstt- State Planning Commission - Replacement of State Planning Commission by the State Development Policy Council - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.22 Dt: April 23, 2020   Download Icon 390KBEstt- State Planning Commission - Terms and Conditions for the post of Vice Chairman - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.19 Dt: March 26, 2020   Download Icon 788KBSADP - Special Area Development Programme - Inclusion as project Implementing Agencies/Sector implementing Agencies in the Implementation of SADP Schemes - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.15 Dt: March 12, 2020   Download Icon 912KBEstt- State Planning Commission - Terms and Conditions for the post of Vice Chairman - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.13 Dt: March 09, 2020   Download Icon 230KBEstt- State Planning Commission - Filling up the post of Vice Chairman - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.8 Dt: February 05, 2020   Download Icon 335KBE and AR Dept - panel for the post of Joint Director for the year 2019-2020 approved - Tmt E.H. Davaselvi Rajakumar, DD - promoted and posted JD
G.O.Ms.No.7 Dt: January 31, 2020   Download Icon 215KBPublic Services - Dept of Economics and Statistics - Joint Director Statistics - Promotion and Postings - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.3 Dt: January 27, 2020   Download Icon 268KBSPC - District Planning Cell - Purchase of new vehicles in lieu of the condemned vehicles to the DPC at Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Kancheepuram, Sivagangai, Tiruvarur, Erode, Cuddalore and Tiruvallur Districts - Addl. Funds to the tune of Rs.3,37,564/- - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued
G.O.Ms.No.1 Dt: January 23, 2020   Download Icon 754KBChennai Metropolitan Areas - Implementation of New Rail based projects and Extension of Metro Rail - Preparation of the DPR for Light Rail Connectivity from Tambaram to Velacherry and Extension of Metro Rail from Airport to Kilambakkam Bus terminal Approval accorded
G.O.Ms.No.2 Dt: January 23, 2020   Download Icon 541KBEstt - Planning and Development Department - Sustainable Development Goals - Formation of Sustainable Development Goals units in Department to set up Systems and Mechanisms for enabling Focus to be brought in Department for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals - Orders - Issued
Year : 2019
G.0.Ms.No.122 Dt: December 18, 2019   Download Icon 4MBPlanning and Development Department - Announcements 2019-2020 - Sustainable Development Goals — Formation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) District Level High Power Committee, SDG District Level Executive Committee and SDG Cells in Districts for the achievement of SDGs - Orders — Issued
G.O.Ms.No.115 Dt: October 30, 2019   Download Icon 2MBSADP-SPC- Allocation of 1 percent amount of Rs.75 lakhs on total SADP fund of Rs.75 crores to wards Administration and monitoring to SADP unit- 1 and 2- Allocation of provision re-appropriation — under SADP schemes- Orders- Issued
G.O.Ms.No.114 Dt: October 22, 2019   Download Icon 655KBPublic Services — Department of Economics and Statistics — Tamil Nadu Statistical Service - Tamil Nadu State Statistical Training Institute - Regular Panel for the Post of Director for the year 2018-19 - Approved - Dr.B.Viswanathan, Additional Director of Statistics - Promoted and posted as Director of Tamil Nadu State Statistical Training Institute — Orders — Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.113 Dt: October 14, 2019   Download Icon 2MBNITI Aayog- Aspirational District- Tmt. S.Madumathi, I.A.S., Monitoring Officer of Virudhunagar District nominated as Nodal officer for Virudhunagar Aspirational District- Order- Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.112 Dt: October 04, 2019   Download Icon 966KBMadras Institute of Development Studies — Sanction of a sum of Rs.26.00 Lakhs as the final installment of - matching share of salary and general grants- for the year 2019-20 as the final installment— Orders- Issued
G.O.Ms.No.111 Dt: October 04, 2019   Download Icon 2MBMadras Institute of Development Studies- Chennai- Matching Share of Salary and general grants- Sanction of a sum of Rs.4.02 lakhs being the 4th installment of 2018-19- Orders- Issued
G.O.Ms.No.108 Dt: September 30, 2019   Download Icon 5MBPlanning and Development Department- Announcements-2019-2020- Sustainable Development Goals- Formation of SDG Units in Departments to set up systems and mechanisms for enabling focus to be brought in Departments for the achievement of SDGS- Orders- Issued