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Human Resources Management Department
Year : 2018
GO Ms. No. 100 Dt: August 01, 2018   Download Icon 619KBAdministrative Reforms - Regularizing the services of individuals appointed under Compassionate Grounds - Dispensing with the procedure of obtaining concurrence from Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission - Orders - Issued.
GO Ms. No. 94 Dt: July 25, 2018   Download Icon 197KBPublic services - Tamil Nadu Ministerial Service - Post of Steno-typist, Grade-III, Steno-typist, Grade-II - Improvement of promotional avenue to the post of Steno-typist, Grade-III and Steno-typist, Grade-II - Orders - Issued.
Lr. No.14914/S2/2018-1 Dt: July 18, 2018   Download Icon 413KBAlt eration of date of birth of Government servants - Orders of High Court of Madras, dated 11.07.2017 in W.P. No.17792 of 2004 - Reckoning of age criteria based on the S.S.L.C Examination - Guidelines - Issued.
GO Ms. No. 93 Dt: July 17, 2018   Download Icon 668KBExaminiations - Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission - Competitive Examinations - Enhancement of upper age limit for Group-I, I-A and I-B Services Examinations - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No. 88 Dt: July 09, 2018   Download Icon 2MBTRAINING - Tamil Nadu General Service - Under Secretaries and Section Officers of Departments of Secretariat (other than Law and Finance (including PD and SI)Departments) - Introduction of Compulsory Class-room and City Offices Training and Compulsory Head of Department and District Training programmes and discontinuance of Compulsory District Training Programme - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms. No. 77 Dt: June 20, 2018   Download Icon 401KBFundamental Rules - Rule 101 (a) - Maternity Leave - Granting of Maternity Leave for one more delivery to a woman Government servant who gave birth to twins in a delivery - Orders - Issued.
GO Ms. No. 73 Dt: June 11, 2018   Download Icon 782KBTamil Nadu Government Office Manual - Petitions presented to Government Offices - Procedures for dealing with grievance petitions - Instructions issued - Amendment to paragraph 167(ii) of chapter XXII of the Tamil Nadu Government Office Manual - Issued.
GO Ms. No. 70 Dt: June 01, 2018   Download Icon 381KBFUNDAMENTAL RULES - Amendment to Fundamental Rules 56(1) by in serting a ruling under Fundamental Rules 56 (1)(c) - Clarification on the date of effect of penalty imposed on person retained in service under Fundamental Rules 56 (1)(c) - Notification - Issued.
G.O Ms. No. 33 Dt: April 06, 2018   Download Icon 776KBPublic Services - Fixing the estimate of vacancies - Revised procedure - Orders -Issued.
Lr. No.19047/AR III/2017-1 Dt: January 30, 2018   Download Icon 49KBRight to Information Act 2005 - making payment towards compensation under Sec 19(8) of Tamil Nadu Right to Information Rules 2005 to petitioner under the Act - New Head of Account - intimated - Regarding
Year : 2017
GO Ms. No. 154 Dt: December 05, 2017   Download Icon 497KBFUNDAMENTAL RULES - Tamil Nadu Leave Rules - Maternity Leave - Amendments to FR-101(a) for Enhancement of Maternity Leave to 270 days - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms. No. 153 Dt: December 05, 2017   Download Icon 950KBFundamental Rules - Rule 49 of Fundamental Rules - Making of Full Additional Charge arrangement - Amendment - Issued.
G.O Ms No. 151 Dt: November 30, 2017   Download Icon 616KBThe Right to Information Act, 2005 - Tamil Nadu State Information Commission - Appointment of State Chief Information Commissioner and four State Information Commissioners to the Tamil Nadu State Information Commission - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No. 144 Dt: November 20, 2017   Download Icon 776KBPublic Services - Equivalence of the Pre-foundation and Foundation Courses awarded by various Universities - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms.) No. 139 Dt: November 07, 2017   Download Icon 517KBTamil Nadu Public Service Commission - Publication of Gist of Notification for examinations conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission - Instead of elaborate advertisement in Newspapers - Orders - Issued.
Lr (MS) No.16152 AR.3 2017-1 Dt: June 16, 2017   Download Icon 773KBRight to Information Act, 2005 - Challenging the order of Tamil Nadu Information Commission for imposing penalty - Appearance by the Special Government Pleader as counsel for the Public Information Officer - Instructions issued - Reg.
G.O.(Ms) No.57 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (M) Department Dt: April 19, 2017   Download Icon 483KBTamil Nadu Public Service Commission - Members - Appointment - Notified.
G.O.(Ms) No.36 Dt: March 07, 2017   Download Icon 8MBTamil Nadu Secretariat Office Manual - Amendments to the Tamil Nadu Secretariat Office Manual - Issued.
GO Ms. No. 35 Dt: March 03, 2017   Download Icon 270KBFUNDAMENTAL RULES - Ruling 17 of FR 26(a) - Sanction of annual stagnation increments - Amendment - Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.33 Dt: March 02, 2017   Download Icon 699KBExaminations - Departmental Examinations - Revision of Syllabus and Scheme of Examinations - Objective / Descriptive and both Objective and Descriptive Pattern of Examinations - Recommendation by the Departmental Examinations Reforms Committee - Implementation - Orders - Issued