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Human Resources Management Department
Year : 2021
G.O Ms.No.46 Dt: May 11, 2021   Download Icon 3MBDepartmental Promotion Committee - Headed by Secretary to Government of the administrative department concerned - Procedure to be followed - Guidelines - Issued.
G.O 1D.No.82 Dt: April 26, 2021   Download Icon 799KBTamil Nadu Lokayukta - Vacation for the year 2021 - Publication in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.39 Dt: March 30, 2021   Download Icon 441KBPublic Services - Amendment to Special Rules for Tamil Nadu Basic Service - C hange of nomenclature of certain posts under Class-IV of Tamil Nadu Basic Service as Cleanliness Workers - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.29 Dt: February 25, 2021   Download Icon 466KBPublic Services - Age of Superannuation of Government servants, teachers, etc. - Increased to 60 years - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.12 Dt: February 08, 2021   Download Icon 448KBFundamental Rules - Rule 7A of Tamil Nadu Leave Rules, 1933 - Periodical surrender of Earned Leave and payment of leave salary - Suspended for a year - Amendment to Tamil Nadu Leave Rules, 1933 - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.6 Dt: January 22, 2021   Download Icon 2MBFundamental Rules - Grant of Unearned leave on Medical Certificate - Amendments to Leave Procedure in the case of Government Servants under Annexure II - Part-1 of the Fundamental Rules - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2020
Letter No.19963/AR-III/2020-1 Dt: December 11, 2020   Download Icon 351KBThe Right to Information Act, 2005 - The Tamil Nadu Right to Information (Fees) Rules, 2005 - Demand No.60, Revenue Receipt - Head of Account under which fee to be remitted - Instructions - Issued.
Letter No.29368/F2/2020-1 Dt: December 02, 2020   Download Icon 392KBAll India Service - Surrender of Residential Office Assistants in lieu of cash allowance - Clarification sought for - Regarding.
G.O Ms.No.131 Dt: November 28, 2020   Download Icon 719KBPublic Services - Employees working on daily wages - Bringing into regular establishment - Consolidated instructions - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.125 Dt: November 13, 2020   Download Icon 2MBPublic Services - Departmental Promotion Committee - Simplifying and Restructuring the procedure of Departmental Promotion Committee - Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Regulations, 1954 - Amendments - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.116 Dt: October 15, 2020   Download Icon 2MBAdvance increments - Dispensation / Cancellation of the scheme of sanction of advance increment in all departments - Orders - issued - Further clarifications - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.111 Dt: October 01, 2020   Download Icon 414KBFundamental Rules - Special Casual Leave - Special Casual Leave for six days in a calendar year to the Government Servants having children with special needs - Amendment to Annexure VII - Executive Instructions regarding Casual Leave under ruling (3) under rule 85 of the Fundamental Rules - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.113 Dt: October 01, 2020   Download Icon 533KBPublic Services - Amendment to Special Rules for Tamil Nadu Basic Service - Direct Recruitment - Enhancement of age limit from 30 to 32 years to Backward Classes, Backward Class Muslims, Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.112 Dt: October 01, 2020   Download Icon 807KBPersonnel - Entitlement and surrender of Residential Office Assistants in lieu of cash allowance - Consolidated Instructions - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.107 Dt: September 03, 2020   Download Icon 496KBPublic Services - Transfer of Government servants - Once in three years - Exemption to Government servants who are the caregiver of differently abled person - Orders - Issued.
G.O Rt.No.123 Dt: August 07, 2020   Download Icon 815KBTamil Nadu Information Commission - Thiru G.Murugan, State Information Commissioner, Tamil Nadu Information Commission - Ceases to hold office on completion of Five years term on 08.08.2020 A.N. - Notified.
G.O Ms.No.91 Dt: July 28, 2020   Download Icon 573KBFundamental Rules - Maternity Leave under Fundamental Rule 101 (a) - Extending Maternity Leave benefits to non-permanent married Women Government Servants appointed in a regular capacity - Amendment to Fundamental Rules - Orders - Issued.
Letter No. 8742/FR-I/2020-1 Dt: June 15, 2020   Download Icon 340KBFundamental Rules - Fixation of pay under Fundamental Rule 22-B on promotion - Revised option - Issued in Letter No.8730/FR-I/2018-1, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR-I) Department, dated 13.08.2018 - Clarification - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.67 Dt: June 11, 2020   Download Icon 369KBTamil Nadu Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1973 - Exemption from obtaining No Objection Certificate to perform Jerusalem Pilgrimage through Government Schemes - Amendment to Rule 24-A of the Tamil Nadu Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1973 - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms.No.62 Dt: June 01, 2020   Download Icon 355KBFundamental Rules - Rule 56 - Enhancement of the age of retirement on superannuation from 58 years to 59 years - Amendment - Issued.