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Information Technology Department
Year : 2021
G.O.(Ms).No.18 Dt: September 23, 2021   Download Icon 3MBInformation Technology Department - BharatNet Phase-II- Implemented in the State by Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation Limited (TANFINET) - Declaring Tamil Nadu FibreNet Project (BharatNet Phase-II Project) as Infrastructure Project and clearance of Right of Way (RoW) for Project execution and Operation of TANFINET - Orders - Issued.
G.O Ms. No. 17 Dt: September 23, 2021   Download Icon 3MBInformation Technology Department - Data-driven Decision Support System in the State through Data Purity and Data Governance-Sharing of data by Government Departments to Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency to aid in planning, implementation and execution of Government Schemes and Programs - Instructions to Government Departments - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms).No.14 Dt: August 23, 2021   Download Icon 3MBInformation Technology Department - Implementation of e-Office in all the Departments of Secretariat at an estimated cost of Rs.13,44,27,904/- (Rupees Thirteen crore forty four lakh twenty seven thousand nine hundred and four only) - Administrative approval and financial sanction - Orders - Issued.
G.O (D) No. 20 Dt: August 13, 2021   Download Icon 110KBInformation Technology Department - Appointment of Thiru P.W.C. Davidar, IAS., (Retd) as Advisor (Digital and Simplified Governance) to Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA) - Orders - Issued.
Letter No.1198401/IT(B1)/2021 Dt: June 02, 2021   Download Icon 610KBInformation Technology Department — Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA) - Free Tamil Unicode Conversion Tool and 10 Tamil Unicode Fonts developed by Tamil Virtual Academy — Usage in all Government Departments —Regarding.
G.O.(2D).No.1 Dt: February 19, 2021   Download Icon 2MBInformation Technology Department - ELCOT - TNSDC Phase 1 Term II Operations of TNSDC - Sanction of an amount of Rs.11.59 crore for the 3rd year (Q9 to Q12 - starting from 01.05.2020 to 30.04.2021) Operations and Maintenance - Orders issued.
Year : 2020
G.O Ms.No. 30 Dt: December 15, 2020   Download Icon 661KBInformation Technology Department - TNeGA - Integrated and Inclusive Public Grievance CM Helpline Management System (IIPGCMS) - Using the Amma Call Centre Toll Free Number 1100 for the IIPGCMS - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms).No.28 Dt: October 29, 2020   Download Icon 2MBInformation Technology Department - Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation Limited - Revised Administrative Approval for the implementation of BharatNet Phase-II Project in the State of Tamil Nadu at an estimated cost of Rs.1871.32 Crore under State-led Model with Operation and Maintenance for a period of 3 years by Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation (TANFINET) - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms).No.27 Dt: September 22, 2020   Download Icon 2MBInformation Technology Department - Setting up of Integrated and Inclusive Public Grievance CM Helpline Management System (IIPGCMS) at an estimated cost of Rs.12.78 crore - Administrative Approval and Financial Sanction - Orders - Issued.
G.O. (Ms) No.25 Dt: September 18, 2020   Download Icon 5MBInformation Technology Department - Tamil Nadu Blockchain Policy 2020 - Approved - Orders - Issued.
G.O. (Ms) No.24 Dt: September 18, 2020   Download Icon 4MBInformation Technology Department - Tamil Nadu Safe and Ethical Artificial Intelligence Policy 2020 - Approved - Orders - Issued
G.O. (Ms) No.26 Dt: September 18, 2020   Download Icon 5MBInformation Technology Department - Tamil Nadu Cyber Security Policy 2020 - Approved - Orders- Issued.
G.O.(D).No.26 Dt: June 17, 2020   Download Icon 646KBInformation Technology Department - Constitution of a State Broadband Committee in Tamil Nadu under National Broadband Mission for effective implementation and proliferation of broadband in the State - Orders issued.
G.O.(D).No.24 Dt: June 06, 2020   Download Icon 690KBInformation Technology Department - Formation of a High Level Security Governance Committee and a Technical Committee for Security Governance - Orders issued - Amendments - Issued.
G.O.(2D).No.4 Dt: June 05, 2020   Download Icon 460KBInformation Technology Department - National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) - Formation of Information Security Steering Committee (ISSC) under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary - Orders issued - Amendment - Issued.
G.O.(D).No.21 Dt: March 27, 2020   Download Icon 591KBInformation Technology Department - ELCOT - Establishment of Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) at the ELCOSEZ, Tiruchirappalli - An amount of Rs.6,47,00,880/- (Rupees six crore forty seven lakh and eight hundred eighty only) for the 3rd year operations - Sanctioned and released - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms).No.15 Dt: March 17, 2020   Download Icon 947KBInformation Technology Department - Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA) - Single Portal for Citizens - Administrative approval of Rs.9,68,50,000/- (Rupees nine crore sixty eight lakh and fifty thousand only) and Financial sanction for an amount of Rs.50.00 lakh - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms).No.13 Dt: March 10, 2020   Download Icon 447KBInformation Technology Department - Creation of a portal to enable common public to share their views with Government - An amount of Rs.43.85 lakh towards 2nd year instalment - Sanctioned - Amendment - Issued.
G.O.(Ms).No.12 Dt: March 03, 2020   Download Icon 726KBInformation Technology Department - Sustainable Development Goals - Goal No.9 (Industry Innovation and Infrastructure) and Goal No.16 (Peace Justice and Strong Institutions) - Formation of Sustainable Development Goals Unit (SDG Unit) in Information Technology Department - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(D).No.14 Dt: February 25, 2020   Download Icon 468KBInformation Technology Department - Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) - Provisioning of 1 Gbps NKN LL from National Informatics Centre, Rajaji Bhavan to Secretariat for the period from 01.03.2020 to 28.02.2021 - Financial sanction of a sum of Rs.36,20,088/- to ELCOT - Orders - Issued.