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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2023
GO.D. No. 89 Dt: January 24, 2023   Download Icon 48KBAnnouncement -Announcement made by Honble Minister for Health and Family Welfare in the Legislative Assembly for the year 2022 -2023 - Clean Hospital Campaign -permission to utilize the existing funds of Rs 32.70 crore approved in Rop 2022 - 24 under Quality Assurance programme - Granted - Clean Hospital Compaign Committees constituted - Orders issued
GO (Ms)19 Dt: January 12, 2023   Download Icon 21KBHealth and Family Welfare Department - inaugural function of 11 new Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals and the New building of Central Instititue of Classical Tamil, Chennai on 12.01.2022 - Virtual mode - Expenditure incurred towards the arrangements for Video Conferencing Equipments - Administrative and Financial sanction -orders issued
G.O.(Ms) No.18 Dt: January 10, 2023   Download Icon 732KBAnnouncement - Designation of 19 Taluk Hospitals as Government Headquarters Hospitals - Administrative sanction - Orders - Issued
GO.Ms.No.01 Dt: January 02, 2023   Download Icon 393KBPublic Health and Preventive Medicine - To create a You Tube Channel TN Nalam 360 as a part of Tamil Nadu Public Health Research Society - Permission -Granted - Orders -Issued
Year : 2022
GO.Ms NO. 425 Dt: December 14, 2022   Download Icon 1008KBNational Health Mission - Tamil Nadu - Grants-in -Aid towards Prime Minister Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission (PM-ABHIM) for the year 2022 -2023 released by Government of India - Central and State Share for a sum of Rs.61,11,66,667/- Sanctioned - Orders -Issued
G.O Ms NO. 422 Dt: December 12, 2022   Download Icon 928KBAnnouncement - Establishment of three Multipurpose District Mobile Ophthalmic Unites one each in Karur, Tiruvananmalai and Cuddalore Districts -orders -issued
GO.Ms.No.420 Dt: December 09, 2022   Download Icon 2MBJapan International Cooperation Agency - Tamil Nadu Urban Healthcare Project - Revised Administrative Sanction for a sum of Rs. 475.55 crore towards the construction of tower blocks in Government Medical Colleges at Coimbatore, Kilpauk and Madurai as against the origial administrative sanction amount of RS.368.20 crore - sanction - orders -issued of
GO.Ms.No.421 Dt: December 09, 2022   Download Icon 2MBJapan International Cooperation Agency - Tamil Nadu Urban Healthcare Project - Revised Administrative Sanction for a sum of Rs.139.61 crore towards the construction of buildings in Government Hospitals at Avadi - Tiruvallur , Velampalayam - Tiruppur, Ammapet - Salem and Kandiyaperi - Tirunelveli as against the original administrative sanction amount of Rs.109.50 crore - sanction - orders -issued
G.O.Ms.No.419 Dt: December 07, 2022   Download Icon 22KBHealth and Family Welfare Department - Government Villupuram Medical College and Hospital, Villupuram District- Separate 22KV feeder HT line from Poothamedu 110/22KV substation - Under the railway line between Vikravandi and Mundiyampakkam railway stations - to provide dual connection to the existing service line HT Sc.80 - Administrative and Financial sanction - Orders - Issued
GO.Ms. No. 390 Dt: November 04, 2022   Download Icon 50KBNational Health Mission - Tamil Nadu - Extension of the contractual services of the Human Resources working in Government RTPCR lab for a period of three months with effect from 01.10.2022 -Orders - Issued
Go Ms No 365 Dt: October 14, 2022   Download Icon 46KBNational Urban Health Mission-Constitution of Committee to monitor the establishment of 708 Urban Health and Wellness Centres in Municipalities, Greater Chennai Corporation and other Corporations-Orders-Issued.
GO.Ms.No.360 Dt: October 10, 2022   Download Icon 340KBTamil Nadu Health System Reform Program - Strengthened Management of Non-Communicable Diseases - Conduct of Process Evaluation of Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam - Proposal approved by State Empowered Committee - Sanctioned -orders -Issued
GO.Ms.No351 Dt: October 03, 2022   Download Icon 69KBTamil Nadu Health System Program - An amount of Rs. 1,15,24,000 for conducting Health Assemblies in 16 Districts and State Health Assembly for the Year 2022-2023 - Sanctioned- Orders - issued
Go.Ms.No.275 Dt: September 01, 2022   Download Icon 30KBதமிழ் நாடு மருத்துவ அடிப்படை பணிகள் - தமிழகத்தில் உள்ள அனைத்து அரசு மருத்தவக் கல்லுரிகள், மருத்தவமனைகள், ஆரம்ப சுகாதார நிலையங்களில் பணிபுரியும் கடைநிலை ஊழியர்களுக்கு (D Group) - சுழற்சி முறையில் பணி நேரம் நிர்ணயித்து - ஆணை வெளியிடப்படுகிறது.
GO Ms.No.269 Dt: August 30, 2022   Download Icon 29KBCommittee - Constitution of a Committee to examine the feasibility for appointment of Scientific Officers -Orders -Issued
GO.Ms.No.221 Dt: July 18, 2022   Download Icon 44KBMedical Education - Government Medical College and ESI Hospital Coimbatore - Conduct Of Medico - Legal autopsy - Bifurcation of Coimbatore Police Jurisdication- Orders - Issued
Letter.Ms.No. 184. Dt: June 10, 2022   Download Icon 55KBRecruitment -Specific time line for each mode of recruitment process to be followed by the Medical Services Recruitment Board - Instruction Issued- Regarding
GO.Ms. No. 60 Dt: February 18, 2022   Download Icon 45KBPublic Health - Tamil Nadu Public Health Subordinate Services -Multipurpose Health Worker (Male) - Multipurpose Health Supervisor (Male) -Amendments to the Adhoc Rules - Issued
G.O.(Ms) No.46 Dt: February 03, 2022   Download Icon 672KBTamil Nadu Health Systems Project - Chief Ministers Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme - Innuyir Kappom Thittam - Nammai Kaakkum 48 - Nammai Kaakkum 48 Process Flow, Nammai Kaakkum 48 Guidelines, Nammai Kaakkum 48 Logo and Boards for Nammai Kaakkum 48 empanelled Hospitals - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.39 Dt: January 28, 2022   Download Icon 192KBNational Health Mission - Tamil Nadu - Grants in aid for Creation of Capital Assets and Ayushman Bharat - Health and Wellness Centres for the year 2021-2022 released by Government of India - Central and State Share for a sum of Rs.6,55,00,000/- - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued.