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Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2021
G.O.Ms.No.06 Dt: January 06, 2021   Download Icon 20KBVoluntary Health Services Adyar Chennai -Enhancement of Maintenance grant from the Financial year 2015-2016 -Orders -Issued
Year : 2014
G.o.(Ms).No.352 Dt: October 30, 2014   Download Icon 116KBVehicles - Tamil Nadu Food Safety and drug Administration Department - Purchase of Vehicles for the uese of Officers of Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Delpartment - Cost of Vehicles revised - Additional amount sanctioned - orders - issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.175 Dt: June 23, 2014   Download Icon 165KBVehicle - Principal, Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital, Office purpose - Purchase of New Vehicle - Orders - Issued.
Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department
G.O.(Ms).No.93 Dt: September 26, 2014   Download Icon 177KBVision Tamil Nadu 2023 – Making Tamil Nadu as the “ Innovation Hub of India” – Establishment of Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiatives and setting up of the State Innovation Fund – Institution of “Chief Minister’s Award for Innovation” – Orders – Issued.
Revenue and Disaster Management Department
Year : 2015
G.O.(Ms).No.78 Dt: February 16, 2015   Download Icon 2MBVillage Administration - Tamil Nadu Ministerial Service - Promotion of Village Administrative Officer as Assistant - Cha nges in the prescribed qualifying service - Orders issued.