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Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department
Year : 2019
G.O.(Ms).No.83 Dt: July 02, 2019   Download Icon 4MBRural Development and Panchayat Raj Department- Announcement made by Hon’ble Chief Minister on the floor of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly under rule 110 on 12.06.2018 – Installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants in rural areas during 2018-19 at a cost of Rs. 100 Crore from the State Finance Commission Devolution Grant for Panchayat Unions- permission accorded- orders issued
Year : 2016
G.O. (Ms) No. 140 Dt: November 24, 2016   Download Icon 8MBRural Roads – Approval of Operational Guidelines for the implementation of Tamil Nadu Rural Roads Maintenance Policy and approval for setting up of an Empowered Committee chaired by the Secretary, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department to approve the annual maintenance plan and review periodically the performance of the districts in the maintenance of rural roads – Orders – Issued.
Year : 2015
G.O. (Ms) No. 7 Dt: January 23, 2015   Download Icon 47KBRural Development and Panchayat Raj Department – Construction of 56 Bridges at an estimated cost of Rs.73.66 Crore under State Infrastructure Amenities Fund – Administrative Sanction Accorded – Orders - Issued.
Year : 2014
G.O.(Ms) No.154 Dt: December 15, 2014   Download Icon 164KBRural Development and Panchayat Raj Department – Pooled Assigned Revenue to Rural Local Bodies – Pooling of Assigned Revenues at State Level for the year 2014-15 – Release of Rs.866,03,63,996/- – Sanction – Orders – Issued.
G.O. (Ms) No. 150 Dt: December 10, 2014   Download Icon 51KBRoads – Implementation of Rural Roads Maintenance Scheme during the year 2014-15 at an estimated cost of Rs.131 Crore for periodical maintenance of Rural roads – Sanction of funds from State Finance Commission Grants and prescribing Guidelines – Approved - Orders issued.
G.O.(Ms)No.116 Dt: September 05, 2014   Download Icon 23KBRural Development and Panchayat Raj Department – Tamilnadu State Election Commission - Installation of three dimensional metallic relief mural describing Kudavolai method of voting at the entrance of the office building of Tamil Nadu State Election Commission – Sanction of Rs.5.50 lakhs under Part-II Schemes for the year 2014-15 – Orders – Issued.
School Education Department
Year : 2018
G.O Ms.No.127 Dt: July 02, 2018   Download Icon 972KBRules - Tamil Nadu School Educational Subordinate Service - Amendments to the Special Rules for the Tamil Nadu School Educational Subordinate Service - Orders - Issued
G.O Ms.No.126 Dt: July 02, 2018   Download Icon 962KBRules - Tamil Nadu Elementary Educational Subordinate Service - Amendments to Special Rules for Tamil Nadu Elementary Educational Subordinate Service - Orders Issued.
G.O Ms.No.128 Dt: July 02, 2018   Download Icon 907KBRules - School Education - Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Educational Service - Special Rules - Amendments - Issued.
GO Ms.No.16 Dt: February 06, 2018   Download Icon 2MBRules – Tamil Nadu School Educational Service – Special Rules – Post of District Educational Officer/ Equivalent posts borne on class IV of Service - Rule 6(i) regarding other qualifications – Amendment – Orders Issued.
Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare Department
Year : 2015
Letter No.981/FS-6/2015 Dt: February 09, 2015   Download Icon 796KBRelease of boats of fishermen belonging to Tamil Nadu which are in the custody of Sri Lankan authorities - Reg.
Letter No. 981/FS-6/2015 Dt: February 04, 2015   Download Icon 2MBRelease of boats of fishermen belonging to Tamil Nadu which are in the custody of Sri Lankan authorities - Reg.
BC, MBC & Minorities Welfare Department
Year : 2020
G.O Ms No.52 Dt: July 08, 2020   Download Icon 3MBReconstitution of Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Commission - Orders-Issued
Year : 2017
Letter No.6001/BCC/2017-1 Dt: October 10, 2017   Download Icon 3MBReservation for Other Backward Classes in Civil Posts and Services under the Govt. of India - Revising the annual income ceiling for the exclusion of creamy layer amongst the Other Backward Classes from Rs.6.00 lakh to Rs.8.00 lakh per annum - Communicated - Reg.
Year : 2014
Letter (Rt) No.19 Dt: February 28, 2014   Download Icon 53KBReservation – Reservation for Backward Classes Muslims in Education Institutions and Public Services – Enhancement of Reservation Quota - Requested – Regarding.
Year : 2013
Letter No.4923/BCC/2013-1 Dt: July 31, 2013   Download Icon 8MBReservation for OBCs in Civil Posts and Services under the Govt. of India - Exclusion of creamy layer from the benefit of OBC reservation - Annual income limit for the determination of creamy layer - Enhancement in the income limit - Amendment to the criteria for exclusion of creamy layer communicated in G.O.Ms.No.12, BC, MBC and MW Dept., dt 23.09.94 - Issued.
Public Works Department
Year : 2014
G.O Ms.No. 256 Dt: December 29, 2014   Download Icon 182KBRules - Public Works Department - Tamil Nadu Engineering Subordinate Service - Qualification for the post of Assistant Draughtsman - Amendment to the Special Rules - Orders - Issued.
Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection Department
Year : 2021
(D) No.127 Dt: September 21, 2021   Download Icon 2MBRight to Information Act, 2005 - Public Information Officers and Appellate Authorities - Subject wise appointment - Orders - Issued.
Commercial Taxes and Registration Department
Year : 2019
G.O.(Ms.)No.142 Dt: September 18, 2019   Download Icon 87KBRegistration Department – Implementation of BlockChain technology for the scanned documents for the period from 1865 to till date – Administrative and financial Sanction – Orders – Issued.
G.O Ms.No. 140 Dt: September 17, 2019   Download Icon 75KBRegistration Department – Announcement – Print and Release of up dated Government edition of Stamp and Registration Manuals – Permission – Granted.