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Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department
Year : 1977
G.O Ms. No. 772 Dt: October 13, 1977   Download Icon 523KBHARIJAN WELFARE-Welfare of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes and Converts therefrom-Education-Postmatric courses beyond P.U.C.-Section of tution fee concession irrespective of income limit-Orders passed.
Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles and Khadi Department
Year : 2019
G.O Ms.No. 41 Dt: March 04, 2019   Download Icon 2MBHandlooms and Textiles - Implementation of New Integrated Textile Policy - 2019 for the State - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2013
G.O.Ms.225 Dt: October 10, 2013   Download Icon 117KBHI-CSS-Schemes shared between State and Centre – House cum Workshed Scheme for HL Weavers – Loan borrowed by Weaver members of WCS – Sanction of Rs.70,67,576/- towards payment of loan amount with interest to HUDCO for the quarter ended Jun2013 and Sep2013
G.O.Ms.214 Dt: September 26, 2013   Download Icon 71KBHI-Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojana Scheme– Sanction of Rs.1,80,00,720/- towards premium to LIC of India for 2,35,009 HL Weavers / Ancillary Workers within and outside Coop. fold under MGBBY Scheme for the year 2013-2014 – Orders -Issued
G.O.Ms.No.174 Dt: August 02, 2013   Download Icon 51KBHandloom Industry – Integrated Handloom Development Scheme – Setting up of 4 Handloom Clusters in Phase-VI for Cluster Development Programme under the Integrated Handloom Development Scheme sanctioned during the year 2010 - 2011 – Sanction of Rs.54,10,310/– towards second instalment of grant component for implementation of the Scheme - Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.153 Dt: July 02, 2013   Download Icon 114KBHandlooms and Textiles Dept. – Tamilnadu Textile Corporation Ltd., Coimbatore – Installation of Shuttleless looms in Aruppukottai and Coimbatore (Kurichi) Powerloom Complexes – Sanction of funds by Director of Handlooms and Textiles from Powerloom Registration Funds – Permission accorded – orders – issued.
G.O.Ms.No.130 Dt: June 13, 2013   Download Icon 59KBHandloom Industry – Tamil Nadu Transparency in Tender Act, 1998 and Rules 2000 - Formation of Tender Acceptance Committee for procurement of yarn for all purposes – Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.123 Dt: June 05, 2013   Download Icon 60KBHandloom Industry – Free Distribution of Sarees and Dhoties Scheme – Free Uniform Scheme – Constitution of Committee for defining the Handling Charges – Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.93 Dt: May 21, 2013   Download Icon 63KBHANDLOOMS – Tamil Nadu Co–operative Societies Act, 1983 – Appointment of Managing Directors in certain Primary Level Weavers’ Co–operative Societies – Delegation of powers to the Joint Director (Handloom) Office of the Director of Handlooms and Textiles–Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.67 Dt: March 28, 2013   Download Icon 57KBHandloom Industry - Tamil Nadu Co-operative Handloom Weavers Savings and Security Scheme - Implementation during 2012 - 2013 - Sanction of Rs.13,46,21,915/- towards 6.5 percent Interest and Rs.6,21,33,191/– towards 3 percent Interest on the deposits of Tamil Nadu Co-operative HL Weavers Savings and Security Scheme Fund Account for the year 2012-2013 (i.e. for the Period from 01.04.2011 to 31.03.2012) - Orders - Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.50 Dt: March 19, 2013   Download Icon 56KBHandloom Industry – C S S - Health Insurance Scheme for Handloom Weavers - Sanction of Rs.4,60,58,438/- towards premium payable to ICICI Lombard on behalf of 2,70,296 Handloom Weavers / Ancillary Handloom Workers both within and outside the Co-operative fold under Health Insurance Scheme for Handloom Weavers for the year 2011-2012 - Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.34 Dt: February 20, 2013   Download Icon 59KBHandloom Industry - Centrally Sponsored Schemes / Schemes shared between State and Center - House-cum-workshed Scheme for Handloom Weavers - Loan borrowed by the Weaver members of Weavers Co-operative Societies under the Scheme - Sanction of Rs.1,10,07,230/- towards repayment of Housing Loan amount together with interest due to HUDCO by Co-optex on behalf of Weavers for the quarter ended 30.09.2012 to 31.03.2013 - Orders issued.
Health and Family Welfare Department
Year : 2023
GO (Ms)19 Dt: January 12, 2023   Download Icon 21KBHealth and Family Welfare Department - inaugural function of 11 new Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals and the New building of Central Instititue of Classical Tamil, Chennai on 12.01.2022 - Virtual mode - Expenditure incurred towards the arrangements for Video Conferencing Equipments - Administrative and Financial sanction -orders issued
Year : 2022
G.O.Ms.No.419 Dt: December 07, 2022   Download Icon 22KBHealth and Family Welfare Department - Government Villupuram Medical College and Hospital, Villupuram District- Separate 22KV feeder HT line from Poothamedu 110/22KV substation - Under the railway line between Vikravandi and Mundiyampakkam railway stations - to provide dual connection to the existing service line HT Sc.80 - Administrative and Financial sanction - Orders - Issued
G.O.(Ms) No.13 Dt: January 07, 2022   Download Icon 237KBHealth and Family Welfare - National Health Mission - Tamil Nadu - Announcement - Construction of Maternal Child Health Buildings in 6 Sub-District Hospitals / District Head Quarters Hospitals at Gobichettipalayam Thindivanam, Tambaram, Srivilliputhur, Tenkasi and Ambasamuthiram at a total cost of Rs.4134 lakh - Administrative and Financial sanction - Accorded - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.7 Dt: January 05, 2022   Download Icon 186KBHealth and Family Welfare - National Health Mission - Tamil Nadu - Announcement - Establishment of Integrated Center for Hemophilia and Haemoglobinopathies on the first floor of District Early Intervention Center at Government Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital at a cost of Rs.75,00,00 - Administrative sanction - Accorded - Orders - Issued.
Year : 2021
G.O (Ms) No. 283 Dt: June 10, 2021   Download Icon 33KBHigh Level Committee - Constitution of High Level Committee under chairmanship of a retired High Court Judge Justice Thiru A.K. Rajan to study the impact of NEET on Medical admission - Orders - Issued
Year : 2020
G.O.D.No.1418 Dt: December 10, 2020   Download Icon 804KBHealth and Family Welfare Department - Feeding/Dietary charges to the COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in the medical institutions under the control of the Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services - Sanction accorded for a sum of Rs.22.61 crores (Rupees Twenty two crores and Sixty one lakhs only) - Orders Issued - Amendment - Orders Issued.
G.O.D.No.1384 Dt: December 04, 2020   Download Icon 2MBHealth and Family Welfare Department - Feeding/Dietary charges to the COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in the medical institutions under the control of the Directorate of Medical Education - Sanction accorded for a sum of Rs.48.82 crores (Rupees Forty Eight crores and Eighty two lakhs only) - Orders Issued - Amendment - Orders Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.419 Dt: October 20, 2020   Download Icon 49KBHealth and Family Welfare Department – Setting up State Cancer Institute SCI at Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai under Tertiary Cancer Centre Scheme of National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Disease and Stroke Program in 12th Five Year Plan 2012-17 – Sanction of balance State share of Rs.3.08 Crore –Accorded - Orders- Issued.