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Human Resources Management Department
Year : 2017
GO Ms. No. 35 Dt: March 03, 2017   Download Icon 270KBFUNDAMENTAL RULES - Ruling 17 of FR 26(a) - Sanction of annual stagnation increments - Amendment - Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.32 Dt: March 01, 2017   Download Icon 2MBFees - Revision of rates of examination fees for the various competitive examinations conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission and to extend the concession of three free chances to all Backward Classes, Backward Classes (Muslims) and Most Backward Classes candidates, irrespective of educational qualification - Orders - Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.30 Dt: February 28, 2017   Download Icon 394KBFundamental Rules - Ruling (4) under FR 22-B - Refixation of pay of Government Servants whose services were regularised on a subsequent date - Effect of recovery - Amendment - Orders - Issued.
GO Ms. No. 22 Dt: February 10, 2017   Download Icon 424KBFundamental Rules - Amendment to Instruction under Rule 82(a) - Orders - issued.
G.O.(Ms) No.21 Dt: February 03, 2017   Download Icon 398KBFundamental Rules - Sanction of Annual Increment to Joint Directors / Deputy Directors / Assistant Directors - Delegation of powers to Director of Handlooms and Textiles for issuing the certificate of officiation to count the services rendered in foreign service for sanction of increments - Amendment to FR 26(d) - Orders - Issued.
GO Ms. No. 20 Dt: February 03, 2017   Download Icon 358KBFUNDAMENTAL RULES - Amendment to Explanation 3 under FR 22(2) and Explanation under FR-22A - Orders - issued.
GO Ms. No. 14 Dt: January 31, 2017   Download Icon 376KBFundamental Rules - Grant of notional increment to Government servants who retire on superannuation on the preceding day of due date for annual increment - Amendment to Fundamental Rules - Orders - issued.
G.O.Ms No.5 Dt: January 12, 2017   Download Icon 2MBFundamental Rules - Amendment to Fundamental Rules 9 and 114 Consequent on the introduction of Grade Pay in the Tamil Nadu Revised Scale of Pay Rules 2009 - Orders - Issued
Year : 2016
Lr No.34007/FR-3/2016-1 Dt: October 13, 2016   Download Icon 2MBFundamental Rules - Tamil Nadu Leave Rules 1933 -Unearned Leave on Private Affairs - Payment of Leave Salary - Instructions - Issued.
Lr No.30283/FR-3(2)/2015-1 Dt: January 19, 2016   Download Icon 579KBFundamental Rules - Tamil Nadu Leave Rules - Regulation of period of absence-Leave-Instructions - Issued.
Year : 2015
Letter No.29046/FR-I/2015-1 Dt: July 27, 2015   Download Icon 985KBFundamental Rules- Temporary Promotions - Re-fixation of pay as per ruling (4) under FR 22(B) - Requested - Reg.
Lr No.18522/FR-3(2)/2015-1 Dt: May 21, 2015   Download Icon 3MBFundamental Rules - Maintenance of Service Registers - Entries in the Service Book - Standard Formats - Prescribed - General Guidelines - Issued.
Year : 2013
G.O Ms.No.138 Dt: November 19, 2013   Download Icon 100KBFundamental Rules - Maternity Leave - Amendment to FR - 101(a) for Enhancement of Maternity Leave to 180 days - orders issued.
G.O Ms.No. 124 Dt: October 18, 2013   Download Icon 125KBFundamental Rules - Amendment to Fundamental Rules - Incorporating the Child Adoption leave in the existing Fundamental Rules - notification - Issued.
Year : 1995
Letter No. 94555/FR.II/94-8 Dt: December 12, 1995   Download Icon 500KBFundamental Rules - Foreign Service Deputation - Deputation of Government servants on foreign service - Standardised terms and conditions - conditions regarding Education, Handloom/Khadi Advances and House Building Advance/Motor Car/Scooter Advances - Conditions - Included.
Year : 1991
G.O Ms.No.12 Dt: January 08, 1991   Download Icon 2MBFUNDAMENTAL RULES - Deputation of Government Servants to Foreign Service - Introduction of Foreign Service Card - Orders - Issued.
Year : 1988
G.O Ms.No.256 Dt: April 25, 1988   Download Icon 812KBFundamental Rules - Deputation of Government servants under Fundamental Rule 110-114 period of deputation - Orders issued.
Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department
Year : 2014
G.O.Ms.No.153 Dt: December 31, 2014   Download Icon 186KBFUNDS-State Innovative Fund-Implementation of Innovative Schemes-Operational Guidelines for sanction of funds-Orders-Issued
Public Department
Year : 2022
G.O Ms. No. 185 Dt: March 04, 2022   Download Icon 2MBFOREIGN TOUR - Ukraine Affairs - Nomination of the State Representatives of Government of Tamil Nadu to the Countries neighbouring Ukraine to support evacuation of the students and NRTs of Tamil Nadu from Ukraine - Orders- Issued.
Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare Department
Year : 2020
G.O.(Ms)No.46 Dt: February 25, 2020   Download Icon 813KBFisheries - CSS under BR - Establishment of Inland Fish Landing Centres in Thirumoorthy and Amaravathy Reservoirs - Administrative sanction of Sum of Rs.8.00 lakh