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                                                                                              .................Town Panchayat

 Planning Permission 




     Name of the owner or the applicant



     The................Planning Authority,

     Planning area.                                  Dated:



          I/We    intend    to    develop    land    and/or    to construct/reconstruct /make alterations or addition to a building in Town/Revenue Survey No.    Door No.   Extent            Street or road name                       in the ward or Division and in accordance with the provisions under section 49 of TamilNadu Town and   Country  Plannning  Act  1971.    I  forward  herewith   in Triplicate- 

          (a)  a  layout plan or site plan or site  plan  of  the land, proposed to be developed and/or on which the building is to be   constructed/reconstructed/altered  or  added   showing   the following particulars:- 

          i) the  correct  boundaries of the land  for  which  the layout is prepared; 

         ii) the   position  and  dimensions  of  the   individual building sites with their extent; 

        iii) the  extent, survey numbers and the position  of  the lands   in  relation  to  neighbouring  streets  and  lanes   with information  as to their respective names or numbers  and  widths and whether they are public or private; 

        iv) the prinicipal and secondary means of access from  the existing streets to the site or sites for building  construction which I/We intend to provide; 

         v) the direction, Intended level and width of such street access and lane with sections: 

        vi) the proposed street alignment and building lines  for the existing and new streets to be formed; 

       vii) the width of carriage way and street margins  intended to be left and the arrangement to be made for levelling,  paving, metalling, flagging, chanelling, sewerling, draining, lighting the street  and  lanes and the period within which the works will be executed; 

      viii) the purpose for which each site is to be used; and

      ix) the  reservations  proposed for  common  amenities  and facilities.

     (b) A  plan or plans of the building showing a  ground  plan, plan  of  each  floor and elevations and drawn to a  scale  of  1 centimetre  to  one  metre (or  any  other  scale   permitted   by appropriate planning authority) and the character of  utilisation of  the  building, whether pucca buildings  or  huts  residential buildings  or  shops , business premises,  warehouses,  theatres, religious  buildings,  factories, public buildings or  any  other buildings meant for particular uses. 

     (c) A key plan indicating the site in question in relation to surrounding area.

          I/We  request  that  the development  proposed  may  be approved and that permission may be accorded.

                                                             SIGNATURE OF THE OWNER OF THE LAND &

                                                                    Signature of the licensed buildors,
                                             chartered surveyor, architect or Engineer.


1.  I/We  agree not to proceed with the  development  of  my property  until permission is issued by the appropriate  Planning Authority. 

  2.  I/We  agree  not  to  do  any  work  otherwise  than  in accordance  with the plan  approved by the  appropriate  Plannint Authority.

3.  I/We agree to furnish any further information which  has not   already  been  given  whenever  the  appropriate   Planning Authority,  requires and provide such particulars to  satisfy  that  there are no objections that may lawfully be taken for  the grant of permission.

4. I/We agree to keep one of the approved plans at the  site of the development at all times when the work is in progress  and also agree to see that such plans are available at all times  for the  inspection  of  the appropriate Planning  Authority  or  any Officer authorised by him in that behalf.

5.  I/We  agree not to start execution of  work  unless/I/We have  obtianed  permit for laying out roads  or  building  permit under  the  Corporation/TamilNadu  District  Municipalities  Act, 1920/Tamil  Nadu Panchayat Act, 1958 or any other Act  regulating such  development  or construction as the case may  be  from  the concerned Local authority. 

                                                                                 SIGNATURE OF THE OWNER OF THE

                                                                          LAND AND BUILDING OR THE APPLICANT.


                                                                                     Office of the Town Panchayat,

                                                                                      Sl.No.         Date.

            Application under Section 49 of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, for development of lands/buildings from Thiru....... requiring permission has been received.He is informed to contact the Executive Officer for further action on this application on .........(after 20 days). His application has been registered as Sl.No.....in the register maintained for this purpose.

                                                                                         Executive Officer,

                                                                       ...............................Town Panchayat



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