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Tamil Nadu Government Pensioner’s Family Security Fund Scheme 1997

(G.O.No.762, Finance (Pension) Dept., dated 31.12.1996)

The Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners’ Family Security Fund Scheme 1997 was implemented by Government from 01.01.1997 and financial assistance is issued from 01.01.1998. Amount of Rs.50,000/- is being paid to the family or to the nominee nominated by the pensioner as Financial Assistance as per G.O.No.189, Finance (Pension) Dept., dated 07.06.2013. The monthly subscription towards the fund is enhanced from Rs.80/- to Rs.150/- from 01.07.2021 as per G.O.Ms.No.164, Finance (Pension) Dept., dated 07.07.2021.

Further, amount of Rs.25.00 crores (Rupees Twenty Five Crores) is sanctioned by the Government as interest free advance to settle the pending applications under the Tamil Nadu Govt. Pensioners family Security Fund Scheme as per G.O.Ms.No.165, Finance (Pension) Dept., dated 07.07.2021. This advance amount enabled to settle the financial assistance claims received from 5003 beneficiaries. Since the inception of the scheme, Rs.903.43 crores is issued to 2,40,203 beneficiaries as financial assistance to till date.

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