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Frequently Asked Questions

Tamil Nadu Govt. Pensioners' Family Security Fund Scheme, 1997

1)  1. When was the Directorate of Pension established? ?


2) When was the Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners’ Family Security Fund Scheme implemented? ?

with effect from 01.01.1997.

3) What was the subscription recovered towards Family Security Fund Scheme and the amount of Financial Assistance at the time of implementation?

Rs.70/- per month.

Financial Assistance of Rs. 25,000/-

4) Who is the administrator of the Family Security Fund scheme?

The Director of Pension, Chennai.

5) Who is the sanctioning authority for benefits under Pensioners’ Family Security Fund Scheme (FSF)?

The Pension Disbursing Officers viz. The Pension Pay Officer, Chennai, District Treasury Officers and the Assistant Treasury Officers of the Sub Treasuries.

6) What sort of scheme is Family Security Fund Scheme?

It is self-supporting scheme fully supported by the contribution from pensioners. Does not acquire any budget allocation from the State Government. Receipts and payments are estimated as per the reconciled figures of accounts of Accountant General, Chennai.

7)  How the Financial Assistance under Family Security Fund scheme are being paid to the families of the deceased Pensioners?

Initially, the payments were made by means of cheques and now being made by means of National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) w.e.f 2018.

8) Who has the priority to get Family Security Fund?

To the spouse of the deceased pensioner.

9) Nomination to be made by whom, where and when ?

Nomination to be filed before the Pension Disbursing Officer, in prescribed form before the demise of the pensioner.

10) Does nomination required for Family Security Fund when spouse alive?

No. Even if nomination filed, the spouse alone is eligible to receive the Financial Assistance.

11) Whether family members eligible for benefit under the Family Security Fund scheme?

The amount shall be paid only to the spouse. If the spouse is not living, other legal heir may get the amount by submitting Death Certificate and Legal Heir Certificate and No objection Certificate from the other legal heir.

12) In the absence of No objection Certificate, how the Family Security Fund benefit will be paid?

The amount will be paid in equal shares among all the legal heirs.

13) Whether legal heirs completed the age of 18 years, is eligible to receive the benefit ?

Yes, But only in the case of spouse not living and nonexistence of any legal heir and based on the nomination filed by the pensioner.

14) Whether the Family Security Fund benefit may be paid to the Societies / Welfare establishments / Old age homes? ?

The Financial Assistance will be paid if nomination filed by the Pensioners.

15) Whether adopted person can get the Family Security Fund benefit?

Yes, by submitting relevant documents.

16) If Pension authorized for single and not for joint payment, whether the pensioner has to reveal the status of the spouse to claim to Family Security Fund?

In the event of death of the pensioner, though the spouse is not eligible for Family Pension, the spouse is eligible to receive the benefit under (Family Security Fund) the status of the spouse has to be revealed; Then only the nominee, the legal heirs will be considered.

17) If Death Certificate could not be obtained from the concerned authorities, whether the certificate obtained from an advocate is sufficient to receive Financial Assistance under Family Security Fund. ?

Since the advocate is not assigned by Govt. for the issue of death certificate, Death Certificate issued by Revenue authorities alone admitted as per rules in force.

18) What are the rates of subscriptions recovered under the Family Security Fund scheme and from when?

@ Rs.20 w.e.f 01.01.1997

@ Rs.40 w.e.f 01.04.1999

@ Rs.50 w.e.f 01.06.2000

@ Rs.70 w.e.f 01.11.2001

@ Rs.80 w.e.f 07.06.2013

@ Rs.150 w.e.f 01.07.2021

19) What are the amounts of Financial Assistance under the Family Security Fund scheme and from when?

Rs.25,000/- w.e.f 01.01.1998 (Date of death of pensioner)

Rs.35,000/- w.e.f 01.06.2012

Rs.50,000/- w.e.f 01.06.2013.

20) Whether additional funds allocated by the Government to clear the backlog of pending Family Security Fund claims?

Rs.25 crores was allocated as interest free advance by the Govt. on 07.07.2021. Pending applications numbering 5,003 were cleared and lumpsum amounts paid to the beneficiaries.

21) What are the documents required to be submitted to get the Financial Assistance under Family Security Fund?

i) Copy of Pension Payment order of the deceased pensioner (duly attested by the pension disbursing officer)

ii) Two Photos of the applicant

iii) Death Certificate of the deceased pensioner

iv) Bank Pass Book first page of the applicant

v) Xerox copy of Aadhaar Card of the applicant

vi) Nomination Form (if available)

vii) Legal Heir Certificate

viii) No objection certificate from other legal heirs (if necessary)

ix) Pensioner data base computer sheet.

22) Whether the second wife or legal heir of the second wife of the deceased pensioner is eligible to receive the Financial Assistance under Family Security Fund?

The lumpsum benefit can be received by the second wife only when the first wife is dead leaving no legal heirs.

23) When was the TamilNadu Social Security Scheme implemented ?


24)  How many groups are there in TamilNadu Social Security Scheme ?

7 Groups i.e. A,B,C,D,E,F, and G groups.

25)  When will be lumpsum amount paid under the Social Security scheme?

The lumpsum amount will be paid only after completion of 30 years of payment of pension under the scheme.

26)  When lesser number of subscriptions out of 148 instalments under TamilNadu Government Servants Special Provident Fund Scheme 1984 are recovered, what are the benefits payable ?

The subscriber is eligible for the payment of actual subscription made along with interest thereon according to the table. Payment of Govt. contribution is not admissible.

27)  When and Where under whose presence the Pensioners Grievances Meetings are held ?

Pensioners Grievances Meetings are held in all Districts Collectors’ Offices once in four months under the presence of Districts Collectors’.

28)  Who is the Nodal officer for Pensioners Grievances Meeting in District?

The Personal Asst. (Accounts) to Districts Collector.

29)  Who are all the officers of Directorate of Pension participate in the Pensioner Grievances’ Meeting ?

Director of Pension / Joint Director / Deputy Director and Superintendent.

30)  Who else participate in the Pensioners Grievance (PG) Meeting?

The Treasury Officer of the District Concerned and the Departmental Officers in the Districts and the nodal officer for National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS) Scheme.

The District Collector, Officers from Directorate of Pension, concerned District Treasury Officer and Departmental Officers.

31)  To whom and where the Pensioners Grievance petitions can be submitted?

The pensioners can send the Grievance petitions to the District Collectors concerned on the announcement of convention of Pensioners Grievance Meeting. They can also send their petitions directly to the Director of Pension on other days.

32)  How many Government Departments are covered under Tamil Nadu Government Industrial Employees Provident Fund ?

8 Departments.

33)  What is the amount of Contribution by the Employee under the Tamilnadu Government Industrial Employees Provident Fund Scheme?

10% after 1.04.1989.

34)  Whether the Tamil Nadu Pensioners Health Fund Scheme is in vogue?

Since a New health insurance scheme (NHIS) to Pensioners has been implemented with effect from 2014, the Tamil Nadu Pensioners Health Fund Scheme is not operated.

35)  Contact number and time of Directorate of Pension?

Phone Number: 044-24331918

e-Mail: dop.tn@nic.in

Time : 10:00 A.m. to 1:00 Pm

02:00 P.m to 5.30 pm

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