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4735.657327 Sq. Km. sq.kms
District Head Quarters
History And Geography

The earliest known chieftain, who ruled Tagadur (present Dharmapuri) during the Sangam era, is Adigaman Naduman Anji, whose patronage sustained the famous poetess Avvaiyar. The Western Gangas are also mentioned as having ruled Baramahal during the end of the 8th century. The last Mysore war in 1799 added up several places in Hosur Taluk like Nilgiri, Anjetti, Durgam, Ratnagiri and Kelamangalam which were recaptured by British. After the fall of Srirangapattinam in which Tipu Sultan lost his life, the Balaghat area was also added to Salem District. The present Dharmapuri District was then a part of the Salem district. During the British rule in the country and even till 1947 Dharmapuri was one of the Taluks of Salem District. Dharmapuri District was formed on 2nd October, 1965 with its headquarters at Dharmapuri. Dharmapuri District was bifurcated into Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts on 9th September, 2004.


The inhabitants of Dharmapuri District speak different languages. The predominant communities found in this area are the Kapus, Lingayaths, Okkaligas, Baliya Chetties, Oddars and Scheduled Castes like Holeyas and Madigas. The weavers of this area mostly belong to Sali Chetties. The Baramahal area comprising eastern part of Dharmapuri taluk constitutes Telugu and Tamil speaking communities, majority of whom belong to Vanniars. Among the Scheduled Caste population Adi-Dravidars and Arunthathiars form major share scattered throughout the district.


Dharmapuri District is widely known for its tourist spots. It is one of the renowned tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu. People from far and wide come and explore the places of interest offered by Dharmapuri District. The district is also an ideal tourist destination in the state. Some of the attractions of Dharmapuri district are Hogenakkal Falls, Adhiyamankottam, Subramanya Siva Memorial at Papparapatti, Rajaji Memorial at Thorapalli, Krishhnagiri Dam and the Theerthagirishwarar Temple at Theerthamalai. Hogenakal is situated at the borders of Karnataka at 46 kms from Dharmapuri and is one of the main tourist spots of the district. Theerthamalai is an important sacred place in Harur taluk of Dharmapuri District. All these places are worth visiting.