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History And Geography

In the year 1741, the Marathas invaded Tiruchirappalli and took Chanda Saheb as captive. However, Chanda Saheb was able to get free and in the year 1748 he got involved in the famous war for the Nawabs place in the Carnatic against Anwardeen, the Nawab of Arcot and his son Mohammed Ali. Mohammed Ali annexed the two palayams of Ariyalur and Udayarpalayam situated with troops were in the Ariyalur district on the grounds of default in payment of tributes and failure to assist him in quelling the rebellion of Yusuf Khan. In the month of November 1764, Mohammed Ali represented the issue to Madras Council and obtained military assistance on the 3rd of January 1765. The forces led by Umdat-Ul-Umara and Donald Campbell entered Ariyalur and captured it. The young Poligar together with his followers fled to Udayarpalayam. On the 19th of January, the army marched upon Udayarpalayam. The troops of Poligar were defeated and the palayams were occupied. The two poligars fled their town and took refuge in Tharangampadi, then a Danish settlement. The annexation of the palayam gave the Navab un-interrupted possession of all his territories extending from Arcot to Tiruchirapalli. The history of this place describes the power struggle between Hyder Ali and later Tipu Sultan with the British. After the death of Tipu Sultan the English took the civil and military administration of the Carnatic in the year 1801. Thus Tiruchirappalli came in to the hands of the English and the district was formed in the year 1801. In the year 1995 Tiruchirappalli was trifurcated and the Perambalur and Karur district was formed. Perambalur district was divided into Perambalur and Ariyalur district in the year 2001 and merged with Perambalur in the year 2002. Now the district is bifurcated from Perambalur and it is functioning separately as the district of Ariyalur from 23rd November 2007.


Sugar cane is grown as a major commercial crop. One private sugar factory near keelapalur is functioning in the district with a capacity of crushing 3000 Tonnes per day. One of the main crop in Ariyalur district is cashew. The pre-dominate soil in the district is red sanding with scattered packers of black soil. This town consists mainly of glade soil. The soil in the district is best suited for raising dry crops. Rice also grown in some places.


Roads * NH226 -Perambalur-Ariyalur-Thanjavur-Manamadurai * NH227 -Trichy-Jayankondam-chidambaram * SH143 -Ariyalur-Thungapuram-Thittakudi Train * Ariyalur(ALU)-04329 222026 * Ariyalur is well connected by rail to major towns like Chennai, Madurai ,Trichy, Erode. * 267 km From chennai Egmore * 70 km From Trichy Junction * 2 km From Ariyalur Busstand


Gangaikondacholapuram Rajendra Chola-I (1012-1044 A.D) son of the Great Rajaraja-I, established this temple after his great victorious march to river Ganges on Northern India. He was originally called Madurantakan. He assumed the title of Rajendra during his coronation and continued to rule along with his father Rajaraja-I for a while. He achieved the supreme title of Cholas called Parakesari . Sri Kaliuga Varatharaja Perumaal Temple Sri Kaliyaperumal temple is a major attraction of Ariyalur. It is situated at 5 km away from Ariyalur. This temple is famous for its "Car festival" (March/April) which is conducted yearly. The people of Ariyalur celebrate the festival grandly. This Varadharaja permal blesses with prosperity, wealth, health and a long life. Once it was the region of Chola's dynasty. The place Thirumazhapadi is situated on the bank of Kollidam river which is a branch of Cauvery River. Entire surroundings are filled with paddy and sugar cane fields. The famous Siva Temple is located in Thirumazhapadi. This Temple is called Sri Vaithiyanatha Samy Koil.It also has a statue of Thiruvalluvar.One of the touriest place in ariyalur.This temple is famous for its "nandikesvarar thirukalyanam " (March/April) which is conducted yearly. The people of thirumalapadi celebrate the festival grandly. Vettakudi - Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary situated in Ariyalur District, 65 km away from Tiruchirappalli and 35 km north of Thanjavur, this bird sanctuary sprawls over 454 Ha. of area. Water birds congregate here during November - February. About 50 species of resident and migratory birds are recorded here. The list includes varieties of Stork, Pelicans, Heron, Darter, Ibis, Egrets, Coot, Terns, Cormorants, King Fisher, Plovers etc. This is an important temple in the heart of the town.The 'Dasaavathara Mandapam' with excellent sculptures of the ten avtars of Maha Vishnu,especially the Narasimha avatara is worth seeing. The temple car which is now in ruins is being rebuilt with the co-operation of the devotees and also helped by the Government to a great extent. The 'Pancha Loka Vigrahas' of Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita have been majestically made and a treat to watch.It is believed that these Pancha Loka Vigrahas is biggest Idol in the world. Sivan Kovil is also a popular temple. Pradosham worship is attended by many devotees regularly.