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5186.34 sq.kms
District Head Quarters

Education is an important component in the process of  human development.  The state has a policy objectives of Universal elementary education through the enrollment and retention of all children in the age group of 6-14 years.  The district administration taking all effort to enroll all children who completed 5 years in the network of schools across the district..


Tiruppur district though an industrial district plays important role in Agriculture also.  The food production required to be enhanced to provide food and nutritional security do the growing district population.  The Tiruppur more than 80% of the farmers belongs to small and marginal category and they play a key role in overall development in Agriculture. The total area of cultivation is around 2,28,556 hectare, mainly food and commercial crops.  The chief food crops are paddy, millets and pulses.  The non food or commercial crops  in the district are cotton, oil seeds and coconut


  A hot, dry climate and a scanty rainfall are by no means conducive to good health and major portion of Tiruppur district which present these characteristics can not, therefore, be considered to be healthy. The city place where the climate is pleasant an Udumalpettai and some parts of Dharapuram Taluks which gets cool current from the west coast through the Palghat gap. Through major chronic disease like plaque, small pox etc., are controlled, other disease such as viral fever, diarrohea are occasionally spread among the people especially during monsoon. Tiruppur district having 7 government hospital with total bed strength of  896 at Taluk level and around  43 Primary health centre in rural area


1) Amaravathi Dam

2) Thirumoorthy Dam

3) Upparu Dam

4) Nallathangal Dam

 5) Vattamalaikarai Odai Dam



Tirupur an obsure town in Coimbatore District has been placed in the knitwear map of global apart from catering to the whole India.  The success story of Tirupur can be mainly attributed to the entrepreneurial skills of the people coupled with hard work, commitment to the job.  Tirupur can take its own pride that within a matter of two decades the export has grownup by leaps and bounds, from less than Rs.10 Crores in 1984 to Rs.11,000 Crores in 2006-07.  However, due to appreciation of rupee against dollar in 2007-08 export has declined by 10% and registered Rs.9,950/-.  As far as Tirupur exporters are concerned true to their spirit and entrepreneurship, they have taken lot of effort to cut down the cost and sustain in the global market and aiming to reach 4 billion by 2010.  During the year 2008-09, due to financial crisis in US and EU market, the exports for half yearly period declined to Rs.5,050 crores compared to Rs.5,350 crores recorded in the corresponding period of 2007-08.


 Tourism plays a pivotal role in Socio-economic development.  Tourism is travel for recreational or leisum purpose.  It fosters international understanding as a part of "Global village concept" Tourism become a popular global leisure activity.Tourist wants a holistic expenses and visit to historical  movements museum  and exposure to different culture.  Activities like entertain sports, dance, Music, Festivals, Adventure, Cuisine, Education and Health care enhance these experience. Tiruppur district is no exception for this.  It bears eloquent testimony to harmonious co-existence of the religions with its ancient temples, churches and Mosques.  There are many places of tourism interest in Tiruppur district.