Government of Tamil Nadu

Department of Economics and Statistics

Statistical Hand Book 2018


The Publication "Statistical Hand Book of Tamil Nadu 2018" presents the latest statistical data on various socio-economic aspects of Tamil Nadu . 

I thank the Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department, Secretariat for his contribution in modification and simplification of tables and valuable suggestions offered for enhancing quality of the Publication.  

The co-operation extended by various Heads of Departments of both State and Central Governments, Public Sector Undertakings and other organizations in bringing out this publication is acknowledged with profound gratitude. 

Comparative and time series data have been provided for  the select tables where ever data available.   The explicit information furnished in the publication provides socio-economic parameters of the State.  This will be of much use to Administrators, Planners, Scholars, Statisticians, Economists and all those who are interested in the Socio-Economic development of Tamil Nadu. 

I would like to please on record my appreciation to all Publication Division of this Department for compiling voluminous data relating to this Hand Book.

I look forward to receive suggestions further improving the Publication.


Chennai: 600 006                                                                               Atul Anand

Dated   : 2.4.2019                                                                            Commissioner


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