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Law Department
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Thiru C.Ve. Shanmugam

Law, Courts and Prisons, Mines and Minerals

Secretary to Government

C. Gopi RaviKumar, M.A., M.L., ( Secretary to Government )

Phone: 25672920

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Law is a system of rules a society sets to itself to maintain order and to provide protection to persons and property. Laws are made in accordance with socially accepted rules. The positivist view on law can be seen to cover two broad principles, namely, (1) laws may seek to enforce justice, morality, or any other normative end and (2) law is nothing more than that a set of rules to provide order and governance of society.

According to Austin, law is “commands, backed by threat of sanctions, from a sovereign, to whom people have a habit of obedience”. Morally best institutional facts and practices which is regarded as legal laws promote the development of virtuous characters in the citizens. Law as a social institution is closely related to various other disciplines that have a direct impact on society. Human experience is the basis of law and that law is designed to meet dynamic social needs. It either adopts a pragmatic approach by treating law as an applied science which uses functional methods to investigate, analyse and solve social problems or else, it adopts a realistic approach and defines law primarily in terms of judicial precedents.

The aim of law is-

(1)To satisfy as many wants as possible while causing as little friction or confrontation as can be caused.

(2)To reconcile the aims, wants and demands of the individual with those of society and.

(3)To bring harmony into the relationship between the individual and society.

The task of law is “social engineering” and this social engineering assumed great importance in the field of social welfare.Laws are enforced by police, supported by the Court and Prisons systems.

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