Government of Tamil Nadu

Department of Economics and Statistics

Season and Crop Report 2022-23


PART II - State Summary A. Land use pattern in Tamilnadu
  B. Sources of irrigation and area irrigated
  C. Crop-wise gross area irrigated
  D. Area, Production and Yield rate of principal crops
  E. Average Yield and % Sampling Error of Principal crops
  F. Group-wise area under crops
  G. Seven series of Index numbers of Agricultural Economy
  H. Crop-wise Index No.of Area, Production and Productivity of crops
PART III - District wise Details I. A. Rainfall
  I. B. Ground Water Level
  II - Classification of Land
  III - Sources of Irrigation
  A. No. and Sources of irrigation.
  B. Area irrigated by different sources of irrigation
  C.  % Contribution of net area irrigated by each source to the total net area irrigated by all sources
  D. No.of Masonry and Non-masonry Dug-cum-bore and Open wells
  E. No. of Wells used for Domestic purposes, Industrial purposes and wells not in use
IV - Area Under Crops A. Area under Food crops
  B. Area under Non-Food crops
  C. Percentage of Area under principal crops to the total area sown in each district
  D.  Irrigated and Total area under high yielding /local varieties of principal crops
  E. Normal area of principal crops
V - Yield Rate and Production of Crops A. Average yield rate of crops
  B.  Production of principal crops
  C.  Normal Production of principal crops
VI - Agricultural Wages A. The Average rate of daily wages paid to certain categories of agricultural and skilled labourers
  B.  Index No. of Agricultural wages paid to certain categories of Agricultural labourers
VII - Prices of Agricultural Commodities A. The Wholesale prices of certain Agricultural commodities
  B. The Centre-wise and District-wise Annual average retail prices of Foodgrains and Salt
VIII - Crop Forecast Calendar Crop Forecast Calendar
IX - Time Series Data A. Time series data on Rainfall
  B. Time Series data on Classification of land
  C. Time Series data on Area, Production and Yield rate of Principal Crops
X - Peak Sowing and Harvesting Seasons Peak Sowing and Harvesting Seasons
XI - Glossary of Botanical Name of Crops Glossary of Botanical, English and Tamil name of Crops

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