Origin of the Board’s establishment

(i) People belonging to Vanniyakula Kshatriya community live extensively in various parts of Tamil Nadu. A number of philanthropists belonging to this community have dedicated their properties for various charitable purposes by creating trusts/endowments as objects of utility to the humanity such as choultries for feeding the poor, institutions for the advancement of education, medical relief and public health and other objects of similar nature.

(ii) With regard to the properties endowed in the past by philanthropists for various charitable purposes, the charities are not performed properly nor the properties are carefully maintained and several properties were either improperly sold or left to be encroached and thereby the testators’ wishes remain unfulfilled.  

(iii) People who are interested in the preservation, protection and maintenance of various such trusts/endowments have represented to the Government to constitute a separate Board to consolidate such trusts/endowments and save the properties of the trusts to fulfill the wishes of the testators by providing good administration to such trusts/endowments and thereby help the trusts/endowments to proceed with the objects for which they were created, without any hindrance whatsoever.  

(iv) After giving due consideration over the issue, the Government have decided to constitute a Board vide G.O. (Ms.) No.20, BC, MBC and Minority Welfare Department, dated 2.3.2009, to safeguard the properties of such trusts/endowments meant for the benefit of the people belonging to Vanniyakula Kashtria community and the public at large. A Special Officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service has been appointed to establish a Vanniyar Public Properties Welfare Board and to identify various charitable trusts/endowments testated by the philanthropists of Vanniyakula Kshatriya community, to consolidate them and to find out ways and means to fulfill their objectives as contemplated under the Trusts / Endowments. He is presently assisted by a Legal Adviser, who is a Retired District and Sessions Judge, a Tahsildar and supportive staff.