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Baba Natharvali has occupied a unique position in the ranks of the Islamic saints of the world. He was named as Muthaharudeen at first. He was, in Hijiri 347, in one of the idle eastern countries. Even though he was the sultan, he was having no attachment to pleasures of royal life of pomp and splendour right from his early age. He descended from his throne, crowing his brother, Syed Jalaudeen and undertook holy pilgrimage for propagation of Allah's glory according to Islamic tenets.

During this time, he had wrought a lot of miracles to the astonishment of the people, who came into contact with him. This a part with his 900 kalandars, he set foot in Tiruchirapuram, which s now known as Tiruchirappalli. He led a pious saintly life with his kalandars in a flower garden in Tiruchirappalli.Saint Baba Natharvali's body was laid to rest in a place where it was once a Easwaran temple in a room. Constructed with four doors according to Vedic sastras and seppulingam is a witness to ghee lamp burning near the grave of Baba.The saint breathed his last on the 15th of the month of Ramzan in Hijiri 417 and with a view to remember this day, the first 17days in the month of Ramzan every year kanduri Urs is celebrated in a highly grand scale it is a unique feature to see Muslims, Hindus and Christians assemble to pay their homage and warm respects to Baba Natharvali on the eve of the kanduri festival and seek his graceful blessings .