Heritage town development plan

          With an objective to preserve and conserve the historical, cultural, archeological memorials, places and towns environmental degradation and further deterioration, the Government have notified 49 towns/villages as heritage places. This department has prepared development plans for about 38 heritage towns for beautification, for regulation of development and to provide basic infrastructural facilities there. Various projects have been proposed in these study reports. As the financial position of the local bodies is not sound enough to implement the proposals, funding under Town and Country Planning Development Fund is provided as grant to the concerned local bodies/Government agencies for implementation of the plans.

Besides planning for heritage towns/places, implementation of development projects is also undertaken by way of providing 100% grant to a tune of a maximum of Rs.1 Crore for each heritage town.

Comprehensive traffic and transport study and Traffic operational and Management plan

            This department with the assistance of consultants has prepared Traffic improvement study reports for 58 small, medium and large towns of the State and has conducted Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Studies for the five Corporations considering the existing traffic conditions and the future needs in order to relieve the traffic congestion and for regulated traffic flow. The Government ordered implementation of projects like laying of roads, construction of foot path, medians, traffic islands etc. enabling to improve the traffic situation under funding from Town and Country Planning Development fund.

          Under this scheme, 75% of the cost of the project would be provided as grant at a maximum of Rs.1.00 crore for each municipal corporation except Chennai and Rs.50.00 lakhs for each municipality and balance 25% to be met by the concerned local body from its own funds.

Park development programme

In order to preserve the park and playfields and open spaces which serve as lung spaces for the crowded urban areas and also for the recreation of the aged, children and others, 90% of the cost of improvement of the park subject to a maximum of Rs.10 lakhs is provided as grant to the concerned local bodies with the condition that balance 10% has to be borne by them.


Infrastructure and Amenities Charges

 For ensuring sustainable development leading to the formation of well planned urban areas and growth centres, provision of adequate basic amenities like alternative and or additional source for water supply, availability of facilities such as wider road connectively, provision and drainage to the trunk systems, creation of environment friendly atmosphere on long term basis, etc. have become essential and it is felt necessary to provide adequate funds by way of establishing an Infrastructure and Amenities Fund with adequate sources of revenue.
Government issued G.O.Ms.No.191 H&UD (UD4(2) department, dated 1.6.2007 for collection of I&A charges and I&A fund and the rate revised in G.O.Ms.No.161 H&UD, dated:9.9.2009.

The fund was created under G.O.(Ms)No.215, H&&D(UD4.2) department, dated: 2.7.07 and framed separate rules for collection of infrastructure and amenities charges and is in vogue vide G.O.Ms.No.22, Housing and Urban Development (UD4-1), 25th January 2008. 
Major infrastructure proposals are placed before the promotion committee constituted for this purpose under the Charimanship of Secretary to Government, Housing and Urban Development department and recommends to Government for grant funding. The committee so far approved projects funded under this programme all over the State.