Frequently Asked Questions


What is Planning Permission?


            Planning Permission is the permission to be obtained under the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 before carrying out any development in the land/ building in both  plan and non- plan areas.



Is the Planning Permission same as building license issued by the Local Body?


            No. The Planning Permission is issued by the Town and Country Planning Department and it is different from the building license.  A developer needs to obtain both.



How do I obtain Planning Permission?


            You have to apply to the concerned Local Planning Authority or Municipal Corporation or Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat, which would  based on the power delegated  to them either issue the planning permission themselves or refer to the office with jurisdiction for issue of planning permission.



What are the Powers delegated to the various offices?


Local Body

            Up to 2000 Sq.ft for commercial building (G+1) or 4000 Sq.ft for Residential building restricted to G+2, No delegation for approval of layouts.

Office of the Member Secretary, Local Planning Authority/ Regional Deputy Director/ Member Secretary, New Town Development Authority

Ordinary building and Special building         Upto  25000 Sq.ft.,

School building without restriction on area
Industrial building/ installation without restriction on the floor space.

Layout : Up to 5 acres in urban areas 10 acres in rural areas.

All buildings not falling in the above categories are approved by the Directorate.



What is a plan area in DTCP?


            Plan areas are those areas in Tamil Nadu other than CMDA areas, wherein the Department of Town and Country Planning has prepared Master Plan which are duly approved by the Government.



What is a Non-Plan area in DTCP?


            Non-Plan areas are those areas other than plan areas within the jurisdiction of DTCP, which do not have an approved master plan.



What is the validity of Planning Permission?


            The Planning Permission is valid for 3 years and it can be renewed for another period of 3 years on the application before one month of the expiry of the first permission.



How is a Plan area and Non-Plan area, relevant to a land owner/ developer?


            Plan area is the one wherein Master Plan for entire area with zonation (namely: Residential, Commercial, Educational, Public and Semi Public, Industrial and Agricultural) has been done by this department. Any development in these areas should conform to the zoning and in case development is not conforming to zonation reclassification will have to be obtained from the Government.

            In Non-Plan areas, the technical sanction of Directorate has to be obtained and if the development is in a wet land the NOC from the District Collector is a prerequisite.



What are the activities requiring planning permission?


          Any kind of construction, for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional and formation of layouts require planning permission.
          The building construction can be one of the following types viz. ordinary building, special building, Group Development and Multi storeyed building.



Is there a prescribed form for applying for planning permission?


         Yes.  These forms can be obtained from the Local Planning Authority or other offices of the Town and Country Planning Department or these can be downloaded from this website.



What is the time limit for the approval of Planning Permission?


            If all the documents are submitted as per the check list and plans are as per norms, Planning permission may be issued within a maximum of 45 days.



Is Planning Permission required in Non-Plan areas?


            Yes. Under Sec.47 (A) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971, Planning permission is required in both plan and non-plan areas.



How would one obtain Reclassification of land use?


            Reclassification forms (duly filled) along with the required documents as mentioned in the website  is to be submitted to the concerned Local Body or Local Planning Authority/ New Town Development Authority, after due scrutiny the same would be forwarded to Government for orders by the Directorate.



What are the Documents to be submitted for reclassification?


  1. Notary Public attested copy of documents. (Sale deed/ lease deed/ power of attorney)
  2. NOC in Original from Tahsildar
  3. Encumbrance Certificate for 13 Years
  4. Site Plan
  5. Topo Plan (500 mts.)
  6. Chitta, Adangal, Patta/ A.Register, TSLR


What is an ordinary building?


            Ordinary building is the building upto 2 floors and with less than 4 dwelling units in case of residential and in the case of commercial building the floor areas is less than 300 m2.



What is a Special building?


Special building means;

  1. Residential :-
  1. More than 2 floors not exceeding 4 floors inclusive of ground floor not more than G+3 (or) basement/ Stilt + 4 floors total height should be less than 15 m
  2. Building with more than 4 dwelling units
  1. Others:-

A building accommodating Commercial (or) Industrial (or) Institutional (or) Combination of such activities exceeding a floor area of 300 m2.



What is Group Development?


            Group Development means a development accommodating residential, commercial or institutional building in two or more blocks of buildings in a particular site irrespective of whether these structures are interconnected or not.  



What is Multi-Storeyed building?


            Multi-storeyed building means a building exceeding 4 floors (including ground floor or if this ground floor is used for parking under stilts, stilts floor + 4 floors) whose height is 15 m or more.



What are the various charges I would be required to be pay?


           On approval of planning permission the charges to be paid including

Development Charges for development of land - Maximum Rs.25/ sq.m
Development Charges for Building - Maximum Rs50/ sq.m
Centage Charges – Rs.300 for per plot
Scrutiny charges –  Rs.100/- per application
I & A Charges :-





Type of Building

Chengalpattu Region

Coimbatore, Tirupur and Kurichi

Other areas



Rs. Rates per Sq. mtr.


Multi Storeyed Building
Commercial or Information Technology or Industrial or Institutional or Combination of such activities











Multi Storeyed residential





Other than Multi Storeyed Building
Commercial building, Information Technology building, Group Development and Special Building











Institutional building (not covered under S.No.1)








Industrial building (not covered under S.No.1)









Where should I collect the final approval?


            After issuing of Planning Permission the plans are to be returned to the respective Local bodies from where the applicant can collect the planning permission and building license.



What are the Planning Parameters I should be aware of?


Special Building





Institutional zone Educational, Public and Semi public



plot extent

220 sq.m.

300 sq.m.

892 sq.m

892 sq.m


width/ frontage

9 m

9 m

25 m

25 m


road width

9 m

9 m

9 m

9 m


height of

15m or G+3 floors or stilt + 4 floors

15m or G+3 or Stilt + 4 floors

15m or G+3 (or) Stilt + 4 floors

15m provided that water tank chimneys. bunkers silos etc., which are not intended to human habitation may be permitted subject to a ceiling of 30m from the ground level


Maximum Floor Space Index (FSI)






Maximum plot coverage






Front set back

NH/SH – 7 m other road up to 12 m – 3 m
12 to 18 m – 4.5 m
More than 18m – 6 m

NH/SH – 7 m other road up to 12 m – 3 m
12 to 18 m – 4.5 m
More than 18m – 6 m

NH/SH – 7 m other road up to 12 m – 3 m
12 to 18 m – 4.5 m
More than 18 m – 6 m

NH/SH – 7 m other road up to 12 m – 3 m
12 to 18 m – 4.5 m
More than 18 m – 6 m


Side set back

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher


Rear set back

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher

3m or 1/4th height whichever is higher


Open Spare Reservation (OSR)

It shall be followed as per schedule-I of DCR



Parking Space

As mentioned in Schedule – II will be followed of DCR


Group Development      



General area


Minimum plot extent

500 Square metres


Minimum plot width/ frontage

12 metres


Maximum FSI



Minimum Set back



(i) Front Set back

Based on road width

  1. NH/SH – 7m
  2. Other road upto 12m - 3m  12m to 18m – 4.5m            more than 18m – 6m     


(ii) Side setback

G+2 or Stilt + 3
Floors subject to a maximum of 12m

3.5m on either side

G+3 or Stilt + 4 floors subject to a maximum of 15m


4.5 m on either side


(iii) Rear Setback

3.5 m

4.5 m


(iv) Spacing between blocks

6 metres

  1. The Spaces between any two blocks of G+1 building shall be 3.5 m for the Ventilation purpose and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  2. The Spaces between any two blocks of G+1 building which is used as an access way.  The minimum space of 6 m shall be maintained.

Multi-Storeyed Building

Sl. No.


Category I (a)

 I (b)

Category II

Category III


Minimum plot extent

1200 sq.m.

1200 sq.m.

1500 sq.m.

2500 sq.m


Minimum Plot width/ frontage

25 m

25 m

25 m

40 m


Minimum Road width

12 m

15 m

18 m


Maximum FSI







Maximum coverage




Above 30% upto 40%

Above 40% upto 50%


Maximum height above Ground level

G+6 or Stilt + 7 floors subject to a max. 24m

G+8 Stilt + 9 floors subject to a max. 30m

60 m where the width of the abutting road is minimum 18 m and not exceeding 60 m where the width of abutting road is minimum 30.5 m, subject to such conditions as may be necessary





Height of  the building above ground level

Minimum required setback space from the property boundary


Minimum setback all around

Above 15 m upto 30 m


Above 30 m

For every increase in height of 6m or part thereof above 30m, minimum extent of setback space to be left additionally shall be one metre.


Spacing between block in case of group developments

Height of the building above ground level

Minimum required spacing between blocks

Above 15 m upto 30m



Above 30m

For every increase in height of 6m or part thereof above 30m, space to be left additionally shall be one metre



Is a layout approved by village panchayat/ town panchayat valid?


            No. Approval of layouts is issued only by the Town and Country Planning Department.  Therefore, buyer should insist on approval by DTCP.



What are the problems I would face if I buy Un-approved plots?


            The banks would not sanction loan for construction. The building that you would construct will be an un-approved building and it may be at any time be locked and sealed/ demolished by this department.



Which office has jurisdiction over the place where I am developing my land? 



Chengalpattu Regional Office Kancheepuram District, Thiruvallur District excluding Chengalpattu Municipality, Thiruvallur Municipality, Thiruthani Municipality and Madhuranthagam Municipality
Villupuram Regional Office Cuddalore District, Villupuram District excluding Nellikuppam Municipality, Viruthachalam Municipality, Panrutti Municipality, Chidambaram Municipality and Dindivanam Municipality
Dharmapuri Regional Office Dharmapuri District and Krishnagiri District excluding Dharmapuri Municipality and Krishnagiri Municipality
Vellore Regional Office Vellore District, Thiruvannamalai District excluding Arakonam Municipality, Ambur Municipality, Thirupattur Municipality, Thiruvattipuram Municipality (Ceyyar), Arani Municipality, Arcot Municipality, Kudiyatham Municipality, Ranipet Municipality, Vanniyampadi Municipality, Walajahpettai Municipality, Polur Municipality and Thiruvannamalai Municipality
Salem Regional Office Salem District, Namakkal District, Tiruppur District (Part) and Erode District excluding Velur (Paramathi) Municipality, Tiruchengode Municipality, Bhavani Municipality, Bhavanisagar Municipality, Kumarapalayam Municipality, Authoor Municipality, Dharapuram Munipality, Edapadi Municupality, Mettur Municipality, Rasipuram Municipality, Satyamangalam Municipality, Yercard Municipality, Gopichettipalayam Municipality and Namakkal Municipality
Tiruchirapalli Regional Office Tiruchirapalli District, Karur District excluding Duriayur Municipality, Manaparai Municipality and Kulithalai Municipality
Perambalur Regional Office Perambalur District and Ariyalur District
Thanjavur Regional Office Thanjavur District, Nagapattinam District, Thiruvarur District excluding Mayiladuthurai Municipality, Pattukottai Municipality, Seerkali Municipality, Mannargudi Municipality, Nagapattinam Municipality, Thiruthuraipoondy Municipality and Kuthanallur Municipality
Coimbatore Regional Office Coimbatore District, Tiruppur District (Part) and The Nilgris District excluding Cunnoor Municipality, Mettupalayam Municipalilty, Avnasi Municipality, Kotagiri Municipality, Udagamandalam Municipality, Valparai Municipality, Pollachi Municipality and Palladam Municipality
Madurai Regional Office Madurai District, Dindigul District, Virudhunagar District, Theni District excluding Aruppukottai Municipalilty, Bodinayakanur Municipality, Chinnamanur Municipalilty, Palani Municipality, Sivakasi Municipality, Theni-Alinagaram Municipalilty, Melur Municipality, Periakulam Municipality, Rajapalayam Municipality, Sattur Municipality, Srivilliputhur Municipality, Cumbam Municipality, Kodaikanal Municipality and Usilampatti Municipality
Sivagangai Regional Office Sivagangai District, Pudukottai District, Ramanathapuram District excluding Aranthangi Municipality, Devakottai Municipality, Karaigudi Municipality, Paramagudi Municipality and Rameswaram Municipalilty
Tirunelveli Regional Office Tirunelveli District, Thoothukudi District, Kanyakumari District excluding Colachal Municipality, Courtallam Municipality, Vadakku Vallioor Municipalilty, Puliyangudi Municipality, Kadayanallur Municipality, Sankarankoil Municipality, Tenkasi Municipality, Shencottai Municipality, Kanyakumari Municipality, Padmanabapuram Municipality, Kovilpatti Municipality, Kuzhithurai Municipality, Ambasamudram Municipality and Thisayanvillai.
Pulicot Composite Local Planning Authority Ponneri Taluk and Gummidipoondy Taluk
Gummidipoondi compsite Local Planning Authority Annappanaickenkuppam, Melmudalambedu, Paranambedu, Thandalacheri,Getnamallee, Sirupulalpettai,Chinthalakuppam,Karumbukuppam,Paleswaramkandigai, Pudu Gummidipoondi, Verkadu, Nangapallam, Karuvatucheri,Pazhaya Gummidipoondi, Chinnasoliambakkam, Periyasoliambakkam, Enadimelpakkam, Athupakkam, Thervali, Peddikuppam, Chinnaobulapuram, Pappankuppam
Kancheepuram Composite Local Planning Authority Kancheepuram(M) sirukaveripakkam, Netteri,Achukattu, Salabhogam,Putheri,Kilkathirpur,Nolambupattadai, Kamukampallam,Tenampakkam,Sinnaiyankulam,Orrikkai,Velingapattatai,Sevillmedu,Gundukulam, Thiruparumkundram, VishnuKanchi,Kottakaval,Karupadithattai, senduvell ,Erivakkam,Kallakambankattadai,Pannankuli,Timmasumudram,konerikuppam,Karapettai,Nathapettai, Arappanancheri,
Mamallapuram Composite Local Planning Authority Thalambur, Karanai,Navalur,Egattur,Kanathurreddikuppam Muttukkadu,Kalipattur,Siruseri,Sonallur,Pudupakkam,Sathankuppam Kalapakkam, Padur, Kunnakadu, Kovllanthangal, Semmencheri, Thiruvadanthi, Vadanemeli Thaiyur, Illalur, Sengadu, Kannagapattu, Thirupporur,Kalavakkam,Nemmeli, Krishnan Karanai, Pattipulam, Saluvan Kuppam,Karugulipallam, Aalathur, ,Vengaleri, Thandalam, Edayankuppam, Madayathur, Paiyanur,perumalcheri, Semmencheri, , Perumaleary, Vadakadambadi, Kadambadi,Kokkilimedu, Edaiyur, Manamai,Vitilapuram, Venkambakkam , Kunrathur,Kalpakkam, Arambakkam, Meiyur, Solaikuppam, Sathurangapattinam, Puthupatnam,Veyallur, Vangadu,Ayapakkam, Vasavasamudram, Merkandai,AngamaBattu.
Villupuram Composite Local Planning Authority Villupuram Municipality
Cuddalore Composite Local Planning Authority Thirumankuli,Ramapuram,Madavippalayam, Otteri, Thottapattu, Sanjikumarapuram,Nattampattu, Kondur,Velisemmandalam, Vilvarayanpettai, Udaramanickam, Periyaganganankuppam, Chinnakonganankuppam,Uchimedu, Subavuppalavadi,Gundu, Upplavadi,Manjakuppam, Devanampattinam, Vanniyarpalayam,Chellankuppam, Thirupapauliyur,Kuttapakkam,Padirikuppam,Thiruvendipuram,Kumarapettai,Arisiperiyankuppam,Karuppadithandy,Karaiyeravittakuppam,Vettukulam,CuddaloreO.T,Ponnaiyankuppam, Kudikadu, Pachaiyankuppam, Karaikadu,Sedapalayam, Thondamnatham, ,Kongammannyakkankuppam, ,Sembankuppam,
Vellore Composite Local Planning Authority Vellore(M),Karugamputhur,Shenpakkam,Konnavattam,Saduperi, Ariyur,Sirukanchi,Thorapadi, Allavaram, thenvellore,Sathuvachari, Sambanginallur, Alamelumangapuram, Palamathi Reserve Forest (part),Vellore Reserve Forest (part ),Virupakshipurm, Palavansathu, Edayansathu, Adukkamparai, Thuthipattu , Sirukalambur,Katpadi Railway station ,Jaffara pet,Vandranthangal , Vanjur, Kalinjur, Darapadavedu, Thandalam Krishnapuram, Virudampet ,Kangayanallure, Katpadi, Bharamapuram, Karigiri, Kanjanur Reserve Forest(Up to Taminadu State Boundary ), Pannamandangi Reserve Forest.
Thanjavur Composite Local Planning Authority 1- Thanjavur (M), Thanjavur (Taluk) Sakkarai Samantham, Palli Agraharam, Akkamma Thottam, Agraharam, Manakkarambal(Inam), Kurungulam(Inam), Kulamangalam, Keerakkollai, Karunthattankudi,Puliyam Thoppu, Pudupattinam, Avusahib Thottam, Velur, Neelagiri Therku, Melaveli Thottam, Kadakadappai, Nanjikottai, Pillayarpatti, Ramanathapuram (Inam), Palliyeri (Inam) Melachittakkadu(Inam) ,Kilchittakkadu(Inam), Kandithampattu(Inam), Kulichappattu (Chatram Inam) , Vilar(Inam), Inayathkhanpatti(Inam), Kodkkalur(Part) Kamatchiamman Koil, Bavaniambalpuram, Kadakadappai Thottam, Gudalur,Indalur,Pillaiyarpatti ,Neelagiri Therkku Thotta, Ramanathapuram Chief,Melaveli Thottam, Palliyeri, Velur,Palliyakrakaram,Ramapuram, Kudalur,Kurungalur, Kadakadabai,Mela Chitharkadu, Avusahib Thottam, Kulichappattu, Puliyanthoppu, Pudupattinam,Nanchikkottai, Inathukanpatti, Nanchikkottai V.Pattu, Kandithampattu, Vilar,Akkamma Thottam, Kanjanayakkan Thottam II-PapanasamTaluk Arulmozhipettai(Inam), Dalavaipalayam,
Kumbakonam Composite Local Planning Authority Kumbakonam (M) Asur(Inam) Perupandi(Inam), Pandaravadai Perumpandi, Pattanam, Muppakoil, Eragaram, Melacavery,Swamimalai, Baburajapuram,Saramanyakottayur, Velayapettai, Darasuram, Cholamaligai, Thiruvalanjuli, S.P.A Vadapattipadugai, Parriswaram, Annal Agragaram, Pazhavathankattalai, Ullur
Poompuhar Composite Local Planning Authority KilaPerumPallam,Manigramam,Kilaiyur,Melaiyur,Vanagiri
Thiruvarur Composite Local Planning Authority Vilamal, Vijayapuram, Thiruvarur Therku Sethi, Thiruvarur Vadakku Sethi, Kilakavalukudy, Ramgaye, Palavanakudy, Sundaravilagam
Thiruchirappalli Composite Local Planning Authority Thiruchirappalli Corp, Thiruchirappalli Taluk: Killikudi, Uttamaseri, Panayapuram, Tiruvalarsolai, Kondayampatti, Vellttirumuttam, Thimmarayasamudram, Melur,Kambarasampetti, Muttarasampettai, Palur, Allur, Mekkudi,Marudandakurichi, Somarasampettai, Tayanur, Kalligudi,Sattanurputtur, Pirattiyur,Nachchikkurichi, Cholanganallur,, Malliyampattu, Uyyakkondantirumalai Pandamangalam, Damalayarabhayam, Chinthamani, Puthur,Tennur Nattarasampallivasal,Peria Uadavur, 2&3 Abisekapuram, Kottapattu,Alattur, Varaganeri, Daranallur, Devadanam, Chinmavadavur, Paniyakurichi, Ariyamangalam, kuvalakudi,Kilamullakkudi, Vengur, Papakurichi, Ellakudi, Agram,Arasangudi,Natajapuram,Tiruchirapalli Town Proper, Tiruchendurai,Ukkadai Ariyamangalam(Inam), Kandalur(Inam) Velayudangudi (Inam),Ulunduni(Inam) Krishnasamudram I&II Bit (Inam),Sengulam, Mekkudi(Inam), Panjappur(Inam), Andanllur, Tirupiraitturai, Kovivalam, Kulumani, Perur, Kumaravayalur, Mullikkarumbur,Adavattur,Thirumalisamudram, Killayur, Pattalapettai,Navalur Kottapattu, Paganur, Nagamangalam, Mudikondan, Lalgudi Taluk: Bikshandarkoil,Talakudi,Cholanganallur,Kariyuamanikuppam, Killiyanallur,Malpattu,Tiruvasai,Kovathakudi,Theerampalayam, Thirupangili,Poonampalayam,Ulandagudi, Manachanallur, Madavapperumalkoil,Koothur,Melasidevimmangalam, Vengangudi,Medakudi,Pudukudi,Appadurai,Keeramangalam, Therkuchattiram,Esaivakorai,T.Valavanur,Valadi,Sirumarudur,V.Turaiyur,Kannanur,Marudur,Valavanur,Puvalur,Manakkal, Kukur,Mummudi Cholamangalam, Lalgudi, Sirudayur, Thirumangalam,Kilperungavur,Nerinjalakudi,Nagar Kilamrimangalam(Inam)Angari,Pambaramsetti,Seshasamudram,Javathinathapuram,Thirumanamedu,Edayathimangalam, Rajampalayam,Samayapuram,Kalpalayam III-ThanjavurTaluk: Tohur, Padirikudi, Kovilladi,
Karur Composite Local Planning Authority Karur Municipality, Thanthoni Town Panchayat and Inam Karur Town Panchayat
Madurai Composite Local Planning Authority Thvariman,karadipatti,Pudukottai,Vilachri,Vadivelkarai, Pudukkualam,Sambakkudi,Erkudi,Achambathu,Kochadal, Kokkalappt,Vilangudui,Arappalayam,Ponmani,Madakualam, thiruparankundram,Meenakipuram,Avaniyapuram,Sinthamani, Anuppanadi,West Madurai,Mangiri,Tallakulam,Chokkikulam, Bibikulam,Goripalayam,North Madurai,Sellur,Tathaneri,Anaiyur, Silayaneri,Mulakaranai, Hanumarpatti (Vandiyur part) Parayathikulam,Melakurilkudi, Keelakuilkudi,Kalkuam, Melanedugulam,That hanur,Iravadanallur, Villapuram ,SambandarAlankulam,Athikulam,Parasurampatti, Melamadai
Dindigul Composite Local Planning Authority Dindigul (M) Vellodu(Zamin Village,Adiyanuthu,Pallapatty, Kurumbapatty, Chettyanayakanpatty,Alakkuvarpatti, Silapadi,Mullipadi, Balakrishnapuram,Thottanuthu,Anipatti(part) Thamaraidkulam, Sindalagundu,Kalikkampatty(Zamin), Munnilaikottai,Kummampatti, Vakkampatti, Panjampatty, Pillayarnatham, Alamarathupatty.
Virudhunagar compsite Local Planning Authority Virudhunagar (M),Chinnamupanpatti,Kottaipatti,Virudhunagar, Rasalpatti,Allamapatti,Muthuramanpotti.
Sivagangai Composite Local Planning Authority Melavaniyangudi,Kottagudi,Kanjirangal,Paiyur Pillaivayal,
Pudukkottai Composite Local Planning Authority Pudukottai part ,Nathampanai part, Kavinadu wast part ,
Ramanathapuram Composite Local Planning Authority Patinamkathan,Surankottai,Achuthanvayal,Kuriyur,Kooriyur, Rajasuriyamadai, Sakkarakotai
Thirubuvanam Composite Local Planning Authority Manalur,Kalukerkadai,Nelmudikarai,Kaliyandur, Thiruppuvanam ,
Tirunelveli Local Plan authority Tirunelveli (M.Corp.), Alaganeri,Palamadai,Kattampuli, Rajavallipuram,Thalaiyuthu,Thenkalam,Vettuvankulam, Abisekapatti Sethurayanpudur, , Ramayanpatti,Veppankulam, Chathiram, Pudukulam, Karaieruppu,Senthimangalam, Manimoortheeswaram, Pirayankulam,Thachanallur, Tirunelveli,Sindupoondurai, Thenpathu,Megamudaiyarkulam, Ramalinganeri,Samugarengarayankatt,Thirupanikarisalkulam, Thulukarkulam,Palavoor,Vadugampatti,Thuvarasi,Kondanagaram,Suthamalli, Karuvelankulam,Pillaiyankattalai,Narasinga Nallur, Karunkadu,Pettai-1,Kandiya Peeri Part-1,Melappattam, Manappadai Veedu,Keelanatham,Palayanchettikulam, Vagaikulam,Melaputhaneri,Ariyakulam,Uthamapandiankulam, Paraikulam,Nochikulam,Parpakulam,Krishnapuram,Muthur, Rajagopalapuram, Vijayaragavamuthaliyarsat,Sivanadiyarkulam, Panayankulam,Nadukamudaiyarkulam,Thimmarajapuram, Thiruvannapuram,Vellakoil,Keelaveeraragavapuram, Kulavanikarpuram,Reddiarpatty,Vengalooneer Samuthiram, Kokattikulam,Melapalayam,Melanatham, Karuppanthurai, Vilagam, Kunnathur,Melathiruvengadanathapura Keelathiruvengadanathapur,Araikulam,Munneerpallam, Tharuvai,Konganthanparai,Sivanthipatti,Palayamkottai – I
Toothukudi Composite Local Planning Authority Toothukudi(M),Melathattaparai,Keelathattaparai,KulayankarisalMaravanmatam,Kumaragiri,Senthilampannai,South Silukanpatti, Muthusamypuram,North Silukanpatti, Ayyanadaippu,Sankaraperi Part, Pulipanjankulam, Mappilaioorani,Korampallam Part-I,Meelavittan Part. Thoothukkudi -2,Mullakkadu Part-1,Iruvappapuram-I, Maaramangalam, Manjaneirkayal, Pazhayakayal, Keelaarasadi, Pudiyamputtur, Saminaththam, Therku V.P.Puram, Sillanaththam , Pudurpandiyapuram, Melaarasadi, Tharuvaikkulam,
Nagercoil Composite Local Planning Authority Nagercoil(M)Theroor,Suchindram,Parakkai,Thengamputhoor, Dharmapuram,Vadiveeswaram,Nagercoil,Vadasery,Neendakara – A,Neendakarai – B, Madhusoodhanapuram, Aloor, Thiruppathisaram.
Coimbatore Composite Local Planning Authority Coimbatore (M.Corp.),Devarayanpuram,Thondamuthu, Kalikanaiken Palayam,Vadavalli,Vedapatty,East Chithirai Chavadi, Devasthanam, Komarapalayam,Coimbatore Old Vill. & Ol, Perur, West Chithirai Chavadi, Thenamanallur, Pooluvampatti, Thenkarai, Madampatty, Theethipalayam, Perurchettipalaymsundakamuthur, Kuniamuthur, Ramanathapuram, Sowripalayam, Uppilipalayam, Singanallur, Vellalur,Madukarai,Ettimadai,Palathurai, Nachipalayam, Karunchamigoundenpalayam, Nachipalayam,Vazhukuparai Pichanur,Thammagoundanpalayam, ,Arisipalayam, Myleripalayam, Othakalmandapam,Chettypalayam, Oorattukuppai, Thirumalayampalayam (N),Naikenpalayam, Gudalur ,(N) & (S),Periyanaikanpalayam,Sarkar, Veerapandi, Billichi (E) & (W), Vellamadai,Agraharasamakulam, Kondayampalayam Samakulam, Kallipalayam, Vellanaipatty, Kalapatty(East),Vilankurichy, Saravanmpatty, ,Idikarai, Narasimmanaikenpalayam Keeranatham,Pannimadai, Kurudampalayam,Vellakinar,Thudiyalur, Veera Keralam, Nanjundapuram,Chinnathadagam,Veerapandi, ,Pattanam, Somayampalayam,Thelungupalayam,Kalapatty (West), Sanganur, Chinnavedampatty, Ganapathy (E) & (W), Krishnarayapuaram, Puliyakulam, Aupperpalayam, Arasur, Goundenpalayam, Marudur, Karumathampatty, Rasipalayam, Karavazhimadampoor, Samalapuram, Kaniyur, Neelambur Mylampatty ,Irugur, ,Pattanam, Otterpalayam,Peedampalli, Kannampalayam, Kallengal,Kangayampalayam, ,Kadampadi, Kodangipalayam, Ichipatty, Appanaikenpatty, Sulur,Paruvai, Pappampatty, Kallapalayam, Pachapalayam,Kuppepalayam ,Kattampatty, Kunnathur.
Tiruppur Composite Local Planning Authority Tiruppur (M), Chettypalayam,Nerupperichal, Mannarai, Thottipalayam, Velamapalayam,Mangalam,Andipalayam, Nallur,Muthanampalayam ,Tiruppur, ,Veerapandi, Iduvai, Pudupalayam (N-S),Kaniyampoondi, Agrahara Periyapalayam, Sarkar Periapalayam
Salem Composite Local Planning Authority Salem (M Corp.),Ayothiapattinam (TP),Panaimarathupatti (TP),Mallur (TP),Ilampillai (TP),Karuppur (TP),Omalur (TP),Tharamangalam (TP), Keerapappampadi, Kothanoor, Thalavaipatti,Iyyamperumampatti, Mallamooppampatti, JagirAmmapalayam,Narasothipatti,Reddiyur, Alagapuram, Chettichavadi,Kondappanaickenpatti,Kannankurichi, Palapatti, Karpagam,Vedapatti,Korathupatti,Veeranam, Velaiyakkaranoor, Perumapalayam,Pallipatti,Dhasanaickenpatti, Thailanoor, Chinnanoor, M.Thathanoor,Athikarapatti, Thathampatti, Udaiyapatti,Ammapet,Komarasamypatti,Hasthampatti, Iyyamperumampatti,Alagapuram Pudur, Erumapalam, Thathagapatti, Annandanapatti Rural,Meyyanoor, Selethampatti, Ariyagoundampatti, Sowthapuram,Jari Kondalampatti,Puthur Agraharam,Neikkarapatti, P.Nattamangalam,AmaniKondalampatti, Seelanaickenpatti, Nilavarapatti,Thammanaickenpatti,Attavanai Poolavari, Poolavari Agraharam,Uthamasolapuramriyampalayam ,Elampillai, Perumagoundapatti,Ramapuram, Reddipatti, Anaikuttapatti, Kalparapatti,Sevampalayam ,Kombadipatti, Nallarayampatti,Chinna , Seeragapadi,Peria Seeragapadi, Veerapandi, Sidhaneri, Agrapalayam, Palampatti, Vaniyampadi, Erasinampatti , ErvadiPethampatti,Vazhakuttapatti, , Vengampatti Eramanacikempalayam, Mukkuthipalayam, Pasuvanathampatti, Parappatti,Nazhikalpatti,Santhiyur,S.Ammapalayam,Mallur,Pallitherupatti,S.Attayampatti,Gajjalnaickenpatti, Suramangalam, Panamarathupatti, Thippampatti, Kuralnatham, Konmaduvu, VedapattiNoolathukomai,Sambakttapatti,Adimalaipatti, Pallapatti Thumbalpatti, Jalluthupatti, Kammalapatti,Kanthapatti, M.Settipatti Bodinayakkanpatti,Vedakuttampatti, Kaminayakanpatti, 26Reddipatti,60-Antipatti,61-Andipatti,69-Andipatti, Jerugumalai, Masinaickenpatti , Karipatti, Agraharanattamangalam, Periagoundapuram Chinnagoundapuram, Ayothiapattanam, Minnampalli,Kullampatti, Theppakkuttai,Naduvaneri, Balbakki ,Pachanampatti, , Mailapalayam Thathiampatti, Kamalapuram, Sekkarachettipatti, Gopinathapuram, Vellapatti,Jegadevampatti, Kamminaickenpatti, Thekkampatti, Thathaiyangrapatti,Moongilpadi, Gollapatti, , Naranampalayam, Ettikuttapatti,Sekkarapatti, Kottamettupatti, Kullamanaickenpatti, Omalur, Puliampatti, Sangeethapatti ,Karuppur, Kottagoundampatti, Anaigoundampatti, Saminaickenpatti, Vellakkalpatti, Manguppai, Pagalpatti, Sellapillaikuttai,Muthunaickenpatti, Konagapadi, Kurukkupatti, Tharamangalam ,Sikkampatti,kongappadi, Kurukkappati, Teppakuttai, Naduvaneri .
Erode Composite Local Planning Authority Erode (M), B.P.Agrakaram,Nanjai Thalavai Palayam, Periyasemur, Surampatti,Erode,Vairapalayam, Sarkarchinaagraharam,B.S. Agraharam, Peelamedu, Vendipalayam,Punjai Lakkapuram, Nanjai Lakkapuram, Pudur, Erode (C)
Hosur New Town Development Authority Santhapuram,Juzuvadi,Mukondapalli,MothamAgraharam,Mathigiri,Achettipalli, Onnalavadi, Rangopanditaagraharam, Naligabettamagraharam,Hosur,Chennathur,Moranapalli,
Madurai Palkalai Nagar New Town Development Authority Vadapalanchi ,Then Palanchi,Sakilipatti, A Kokkulam, Kongar, Puliyankulam, Kinnimangalam,
Mamallapuram New Town Development Authority Mamallapuram,Puncheri
Kurichy New Town Develpment Authority Kurichy,Malumichampatty,Seerapalayam.
Chittode New Town Development Authority Chithode (TP), Chittode,nallagoundanpalayam, kumilam parappu mettu nasuvan palayasuriyampalayam
Navalpattu New Town Development Authority Gundur, Cholamadevi, Kilakurichi,Kilakalkandarkottai,Tiruverambur,Kuttappar, Krishnasamudram,Thirunedungulam, Valavanthankottai, Asur,Palaganangudi,Thuvakudi,Suriyur, Kumbagudi, Navalpattu, Pulankudi, Ilandaipatti, Theneripatti, Kandalur
Salem Steel Plant New Town Development Authority Edanganasalai Town Panchayat, Mahudganchavadi Panchayat Union, Taramangalam Panchayat Union, Veerapandi Panchayat Union and Salem Panchayat Union
Kagithapuram New Town Development Authority Kagithapuram Town Panchayat