TANMAG manufactures Lightly Calcined Magnesite, also called as Caustic Calcined Magnesite in its Shaft Kiln Division having 5 numbers of Vertical Shaft Kilns. The installed capacity for Calcined Magnesite is 19,500 tonnes per annum. Raw Magnesite is calcined in Shaft Kiln using Furnace Oil as fuel at a temperature in the range of 1000 to 1100 degrees Celsius to produce chemically reactive grade, which is highly reactive in nature.


TANMAG manufactures Dead Burnt Magnesite in its most advanced Rotary Kiln (Supplied and erected by M/s.F.L.Smith and Co., Denmark) with an installed capacity of 100 TPD and 30000 tonnes per annum commissioned during December 1985. The raw Magnesite (Refractory Grade) is sintered at a high temperature of 1750 degree Celsius using Furnace oil/ LSHS oil as fuel to produce Dead Burnt Magnesite.

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