Dunite, the parent rock of Magnesite contains 49% of MgO and 39% of SiO2 and the Magnesite is derived from the Dunite. It is dark Grey to Olive Green in colour. The total reserves available will be approximately 3 million tons.

Typical chemical composition of Lighly Calcined Magnesite

Ingredients: ( Approx. %)
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) : 49.43% (EDTA  METHOD)
Silica(SiO2)                         : 39.20% (GRAVI  METRIC  METHOD)
Calcium Oxide(CaO)          : 01.34% (EDTA  METHOD)
Alumina(Al2O3)                  : 00.41% (EDTA  METHOD)
Ferric Oxide(Fe2O3)           : 08.32% (EDTA  METHOD)
Loss on Ignition(LOI)         : 00.94%


  • In Refractory Industries to manufacture Dunite Refractory Bricks.
  • As flux material in Steel Plants replacing limestone.
  • In forging industries abroad in powder form to replace silica sand.
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