TAMIN has got substantial quarrying rights of granite in Tamil Nadu. The granite deposits are rich in black and colour varieties and are among the best in the World.



TAMIN has earned a niche for itself in the world granite market. TAMIN's pride and buyers' choices are Black, Kashmir white, Paradiso, Sivakasi yellow, Redwave and Raw silk dimensional blocks. The black granite of Kunnam is comparable to Ebony black of Sweden. It has been fetching high value in international market. TAMIN's Paithur black granite ( with a brown background ) is also acclaimed as the choicest variety in international market. Paradiso material ( introduced by TAMIN ), is unique in colour and pattern and is exported in large quantity to Italian and German markets. TAMIN's Kashmir white is the best of it's kind in the world and it commands high values. TAMIN's green onyx is a rare and unique material and it has caught the fancy of most of the European countries. Apart from this, TAMIN has other colour material like Redwave , Colombo jubrana and Sivakasi yellow, which are widely welcomed by International and Local buyers.



Black Granite is a variety of basic rock, geologically known as dolerites. It takes very high polish, displaying uniform grain size and equigranular texture. The rock can be cut into thin slabs.


Pon Black



Grey Migmatite Granite is an acidic rock with gneissic fabric popularly called as 'Paradiso'. The colour of the rock depends upon the colour of the constituent feldspar. It takes very high polish. The other colour granites includes Granite gneiss, Leptynite, Syenite and Charnokite.




Sivakask Yellow

Colombo Jubrana

Yellow Zubrana

Kashmir White

Kashmir Pink

Kashmir Ivory

Kashmir Yellow
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