Tamil Nadu Minerals Limited popularly known as TAMIN, is a wholly owned blue chip company of the Government of Tamil Nadu started in 1978.

TAMIN is engaged in the exploitation, processing and marketing of Granite and other minerals such as Limestone, Vermiculite, Quartz, Feldspar, Indian Standard Sand and Graphite.

TAMIN entered the international granite market in the year 1979 and has secured a steady market for dimensional blocks of black and other colour materials in countries like Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, UK, Switzerland, Holland, USA etc.

TAMIN also exports polished granite slabs, building slabs and tiles in several attractive colours, wall panels and monuments of various designs conforming to International Standards.

TAMIN has also been marketing granite cubes with sides measuring 6 cm to 12 cm.

TAMIN has excellent international market presence as an exporter of quality products. It has a number of reputed international clients such as M/s. Marble Corporation, Japan, M/s. TAC Corporation, Japan, M/s. Nissho Iwai Corporation, Japan, M/s. Naturstein Verkaufs GMBH, Switzerland, M/s. Magti Marble and Granite Trading Inc. Italy, (nowadays International Stone Trading Inc. Panama) etc. who are steady customers for long.

TAMIN has been receiving annual CAPEXIL awards for several years based on its excellent export performance.

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