TAMIN Tile Plant, Madhepalli




TAMIN has two sophisticated granite processing units viz. one at Manali near Chennai (Manali) producing building slab and monuments and the other at Madhepalli near Krishnagiri about 250 Km. away from Chennai on the National Highway Road leading to Bangalore, where granite tiles of various colours are produced.

For more details about Slab, Please contact:

Factory Manager,
TAMIN Granites,
251, Manali-Ponneri High Road,
Chennai-600 068
Phone No. 044-25941012,
Fax No.044-25941012
e-mail: tamintgm99[at]gmail[dot]com


TAMIN granite factory - Manali caters to the need of Domestic and International market. This unit is well equipped with modern machineries for producing finished products to the international standard. The annual capacity of the granite processing is 24060 Sq.mtrs. of slabs of 2 and 3 cm, thickness and 10650 Sq.mtrs. of monuments. Machineries like gang saws, circular saws, automatic grinding and polishing machineries, imported from Germany are used for producing granite slabs and monuments. Apart from this, TAMIN is also making kitchen top, table top, teapoys, telephone stand etc. for sale in local market at attractive prices.

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For more details about Tiles, Please contact:

Factory Manager,
TAMIN Granite Tiles Plant,
406, Kanimedu, Madhepalli Village,
Kandhikuppam Post,
Krishnagiri Taluk & District - 635 108.
Phone No. 04343-295050
e-mail: tamintiles99[at]gmail[dot]com


TAMIN Granite Tile Plant at Madhepalli is an 100% EOU. The plant is equipped with modern and sophisticated imported machinery i.e. multi blade block cutter Pedrini s.p.a. for precise finish of products of all available colours. The annual capacity of the plant is 33600 Sq.mtrs. The plant has facilities to produce 30x30 cm., 30x45 cm., 45x45 cm., 60x30 cm., 60x45 cm. Tiles with a thickness of 10 mm and 12 mm. All tiles are calibrated to precise dimensions, application of epoxy on the tiles is also made if desired.

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To cater to the needs of domestic purpose, a separate unit near Sulamalai quarry called cube cutting plant has been established at a distance of about 10 k.m. from our Tile Plant at Madhepalli

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