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Ambattur Exfoliated Vermiculite Plant

TAMIN is mining and processing Vermiculite, a non-metalic versatile mineral at Sevathur Village, Thirupathur Taluk, Vellore District to suit various needs in building, Horti-Agricultural and Bio-technological activities.

Different Grade sizes available:
1. Grade-1 - above 12mm
2. Grade-II - 6mm to 12mm
3. Grade-III - 3mm to 6mm
4. Grade-IV - 1mm to 3mm
5. Grade-V - below 1mm and fines power

TAMIN has a Vermiculite Exfoliation Plant at Ambattr Industrial Estate, Chennai.                       

Price Raw / Exfoliated
Terms&Conditions - Raw/Exfoliated

TAMIN IS THE ONLY COMPANY SUPPLYING Indian Standard Sand IS650:1991 as per B.I.S. approval to various cement factories, research laboratories etc. for testing the quality of cement. The factory is situated at Ennore 15, km. North of Chennai. The processed sand is marketed in three grades(Grade I, Grade II & Grade III).


Quartz is a mineral, which is a member of silica groups. It is present in silica rich-igneous rocks and it is the basic materials of sandstone and is found in metamorphic rock lime gneisses, schists, charnockites and khondalites. TAMIN exploits good quality quartz.

It is used in refractive Industries, Ceramic Industries, Glass Industry, Electronic Industry, Ferro Silican Materials, Non-Electric Conductivity, Insulators. Boiler Inner Coating, Grinding Stone, Emery Sheet and as Decorative Stone.

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Manufacture of Cement and lime-based chemicals.                   

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