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Right to Information Act

                  In order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority and to empower the citizens to secure access to information under the control of each public authority, the Government of India have enacted "The Right to Information Act, 2005", (RTI Act) which came into force on 15.06.2005.

                  The Transport Department has designated the following officers as its Public Information Officer (PIO) for all matters concerning this Department, for the purpose of dealing with applications received under the Right to Information Act 2005. The subject dealt with each of the officers are mentioned in the proceedings issued by the Transport Commissioner.

Right to Information Act - Appellate Authority,


Public Information Officer

1.Assistant Secretary -I
2.Assistant Secretary-II
3.Assistant Secretary-III
4.Assistant Director of Statistics
5.Accounts Officer
6.Assistant Director(Internal Audit)
7.Personal Assistant to Regional Transport Officer in respect of Regional Transport Offices

Appellate Authority

1.Joint Transport Commissioner(Rules)
2.Joint Transport Commissioner(Administration)
3.Joint Transport Commissioner(Road Safety)
4.Deputy Transport Commissioner (Admin)
5.Chief Accounts Officer
6.Regional Transport Officer in respect of Regional Transport Offices

                  A person requiring any information under the Act may contact the Public Information Officer in-charge of subjects mentioned in Proceedings issued by the Transport Commissioner

                  The procedure and fee structure for getting information are as under:

                  A request shall be made in writing or through electronic means or in person or by post to the Public Information Officer and must be accompanied by an application fee of Rs.10/- by cash or by demand draft or banker's cheque.