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Government of Tamil Nadu
  State Transport Authority


Re-Registration of Vehicle (or) Transfer of Ownership from Other State


1.    Who can apply for re-registration of vehicle?


2.     What are the documents to be given?


3.     What is the amount of Fees payable?

1.     Non Transport Vehicle Rs.200/-
                                2.     Commercial Vehicle Rs.300/-
                    (iv)      M.G.V. Rs.400/-
                    (v)       M.P.M.V. Rs.400/-
                    (vi)       H.G.V. Rs.600/-
                   (vii)       H.P.M.V. Rs.600/-
                  (viii)      Imported M.V. Rs.800/-
                    (ix)      Imported Motor Cycle Rs.200/-
                    (x)       Any other vehicle not mentioned above Rs.300/-
                              (1)   Compounding Fee for belated application
                                      (a)   Up to 30 days Rs.40/-
                                      (b)   Up to 60 days Rs.75/-
                                      (c)   Above 60 days Rs.100/- +  Service charges
                  (xi)       2 and 3 wheelers Rs.100/-
                 (xii)      Above 3 wheelers Rs.200/-

4.      To whom should one apply?

                    Regional Transport Officer (or) Motor Vehicle Inspector, Grade-I / II.

5.       Vehicle should be produced for inspection


6.      Time limit for service to be rendered?

                    90 days